Carleton University student entrepreneurs presented their first startups during two successful Venture Demo Days on April 6 and 9.

A total of 36 venture teams comprised of 183 undergraduate students from all faculties demonstrated the value of their products to customers and their business models.

The showcase was the capstone of an introductory entrepreneurship course (BUSI 2800) offered by the Sprott School of Business. During the course, students developed their ideas for a class project and transformed them into real ventures.

Starting in September, BUSI 2800 will be open to students to all Carleton University undergraduate students with second-year standing.

Business students and students in other programs at Carleton can develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn more about the entrepreneurship process in a hands-on way in the Bachelor of Commerce Entrepreneurship concentration and the Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Read more about the student ventures demonstrated at Venture Demo Days in the Carleton newsroom.

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