Monday, November 11, 2013

BCMC Triple Etiquette Series kicks off with fashion show

Image consultant Wendy Woods teaching students about the proper fit of a blazer.

Image consultant Wendy Woods teaching students about the proper fit of a blazer.

The Sprott Business Career Managment Centre (BCMC) kicked off its Triple Ettiquete Series yesterday with a “Dress for Respect” fashion show.

Six Sprott students volunteered as models to show off the differences between casual and formal styles of work attire in the business world. Toronto-based image consultant Wendy Woods emceed the show and was on hand to answer student’s questions about what works and what doesn’t for different workplace environments.

The show covered the different levels of dress, from Bay Street-style corporate with suits, blouses and ties, all the way down to smart casual, with outfits that can show off some personality and flare.

Wendy said she thinks the event was a great introduction to personal style for students.

“A lot of people think that style is supposed to be innate and natural and something you  just do,” she said. “But it’s like everything else, like networking for example: it’s a skill that you have to work at to get better at.”

Wendy said that a great way to get better is to seek out sources of inspiration and train your eye to see how other people express themselves with clothing.

“If you do go on to places like Pinterest, or online style blogs, or even just going and sitting down by Parliament watching people walk by, there’s a lot about style that’s really about training your eye for certain things,” she said.

First-year Bachelor of International Business Student Angie Alshal volunteered as one of the Sprott models and she said she learned a lot from the experience.

a female student wearing a blazer, white shirt and a red skirt walks down the walkway at the BCMC fashion show with the audience looking on“I learned you can spice up anything to make it look youthful and ncie at the same time,” Angie said.

She added that having a fashion show-style event offered a way to learn about different styles that you just can’t do on your own.

“Research is valuable, but seeing it live is just totally different and I think a lot easier to understand,” she said.

The fashion show was the first in the BCMC’s Triple Etiquette series, which continues next week on Nov. 13 with a business networking workshop featuring networking expert Michael Hughes. This event teaches students how to interact at networking events and develop business relationships.

The series wraps up on Nov. 18 with the etiquette dinner that introduces students to the subtleties of formal dining, like how to hold a wine glass and how to properly eat a salad. Attendees will enjoy a three-course meal (totally free!) and have a chance to learn from etiquette expert Erin Crotty of BloomStra Consulting.

The Triple Etiquette series is one of the best ways to learn how to make a good and long-lasting first impression you can carry with you throughout your career.

Registration for the next two events is now open on mySprott.

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