Supply Chain Management

supply chain management cycleSupply chain management has become increasingly strategic and critical to the survival of any organization operating in today’s competitive marketplace.

Supply chain management is constantly evolving and involves managing relationships with stakeholders both within and across organizations, so that high quality products and services are designed, developed, built, handled, and delivered economically – at the right time, in the right quantity, to the right place and to the right customer

At Sprott, students in this concentration will gain the critical skills and capabilities needed to  develop innovative solutions to supply chain challenges as well as  to manage global networks of suppliers, integrators, contract manufacturers, logistics service providers, distributors, service support operators and customers.  Students can select courses from three different areas of Supply Chain Management:

  • E-supply Chain Management
    Emerging technologies in supply chain management to increase responsiveness and enhance interconnectivity.
  • Business analytics
    Business intelligence and modeling to help evaluate competing decision alternatives.
  • Global Supply Chain Management
    Global sourcing

Course Highlights

BUSI 3305: Logistics and Transportation

Overview of logistics and transportation concepts and their roles in creating overall supply chain value.

BUSI 4302: Management of Quality

Quality concepts and methods surrounding the definition, mapping, implementation, improvement of business processes in organizations and global supply chains.

BUSI 4304: Procurement and Contracting

Supply chain procurement processes involved in the acquisition of goods and services in the private and public sectors, including sourcing, purchasing, contracting, supplier collaboration and relationship development and management.

BUSI 4431: E-Supply Chain Technology and Management

Internet enabled technologies to support the supply chain processes both within the firm and across the supply chain in sourcing, producing and delivering.

BUSI 4309: Practicum in Supply Chain Management

Project based course that engages students in groups to work for outside clients, perform a systematic audit of the current performance and identify ways in which performance can be improved.

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Check out our BCom Supply Chain Management Course Map

Outside the Classroom

logo for Sprott Supply Chain Management Association SSCMASprott Supply Chain Management Association

SSCMA is devoted to enriching the Sprott student experience through networking and industry events and to raising awareness of the growing Supply Chain industry.

SSCMA recently launched a student chapter of APICS, a leading professional association for supply chain excellence, that gives Sprott students access to supply chain industry networking events, career development opportunities and mentorship programs.

Career Opportunities

For a  description on careers in the supply chain sector, refer to the supply chain careers chart published by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

The following links provide more insight to careers in supply chain management:

Check out these videos:

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