International Business

Do you like to travel? Do other cultures fascinate you? Match your interests with a solid business foundation and the Bachelor of Commerce in International Business to carve out your place in the world of global commerce.

Almost all businesses in Canada have an international connection with suppliers, customers, regulators or designers. Skilled business professionals who can bring an international perspective, coupled with international experience, are always in demand. At Sprott, you’ll get the solid international business foundation and global perspective needed to succeed. You will also gain in-depth knowledge in the interpersonal skills needed to manage culturally diverse environments and in such topics as regionalism, global strategies, methods of international expansion, and international marketing, human resource management, economics and finance.

Studying abroad gives you first-hand international experience and increases your cultural awareness. Enhance your degree by taking part in an international exchange for up to one year at one of Carleton University’s 180+ partner institutions located in more than 30 countries around the world. Many of these institutions are located in English-speaking countries or offer courses that are taught in English.

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The Sprott School of Business is accredited by the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS).

Sprott also offers the Bachelor of International Business.

Course Highlights

BUSI 4205 International Marketing Strategy

The marketing function in international markets from a managerial perspective. Environments of foreign markets in relation to the marketing management functions of product, price, distribution, communication strategy and marketing research. International expansion methods, joint ventures and other business alliances, and international marketing.

BUSI 4707 Regionalism and Globalization

Trends in globalization versus supra- and sub-national regionalism. Role of international institutions (e.g. OECD, WTO). Strategy adaptation and integration within and across trade blocs (e.g. NAFTA, EU, Mercosur, ASEAN). Strategies for sub-national markets with similarities across different countries.

BUSI 4709 Strategic Management for International Business

Analysis and evaluation of the organization’s global and national strategies. Emphasis on firms’ market-entry strategies and on the unique problems of managing in distant and different cultures.

BUSI 4719 Practicum in International Business

Engage in an international experience, abroad or within Canada, that fosters the development of a global mindset. This experience allows students to integrate and apply the material learned in previous International Business courses.

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Outside the Classroom

NIBS Competition

The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) annual case competition is an international experience. In this competition,  In this competition, you’ll have the opportunity to test your international business knowledge and skills against business students from across North America, Europe and other parts of the world

Sprott International Business Association

SIBA brings together Sprott IB and international exchange students to meet new people, learn about different cultures and understand the diversity that exists at Carleton.

Ottawa: A G7 Capital

Being located in the nation’s capital brings a numbers of assets within reach of students in the International Business concentration, including international forums, embassies from many countries, national industry and trade associations, and other groups concerned with international trade and investment.

Career Opportunities

  • Export management
  • International business development
  • Foreign investment
  • International trade
  • International sales
  • Cultural advisor
  • International business advisor
  • International finance, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, and many other areas, located in Canada and abroad.

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