Information Systems

Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) professionals help organizations drive outstanding performance. They apply their in-depth dual understanding of business processes and information and communication technologies to create and exploit new and existing business opportunities as well as solve business problems.

Sprott’s Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Information Systems enables you to link your information and communications technology knowledge with critical, value-adding business processes, a skill which will only become more valuable as new technologies are developed and the marketplace grows.

In addition to specialized knowledge for the management of information systems, the program builds a foundation across core business disciplines to deliver a complete business education. Add co-op to explore career options and gain valuable work experience before you graduate. You may also add another concentration or a minor in a subject outside of business for greater career flexibility.

IS Course Highlights

BUSI2402 Business Application Development

In today’s world of ICTs, it seems there is always “an app for that”. This course develops the basic skills to create these never-ending applications by connecting the dots between a business need and a computer application. Emphasis is placed on becoming a successful business analyst by identifying business needs that can become efficient computer applications.

BUSI3402 Information Systems Analysis and Design

This course covers the processes, methods, techniques and tools that organizations use to determine how they should conduct their business, with a particular focus on how computer-based technologies can most effectively contribute to the way business is organized. By going through the business ICT’s lifecycle, students understand how to develop, maintain and run effectively the systems an organization is dependent on and help make decisions on whether the systems must be replaced, modified or when to outsource some of these functions to third parties.

BUSI4402 Information Systems Practicum

This course delivers the same benefits as an internship. Working in groups, students are faced with a real business need from a real company. They analyze their options, propose a solution and (in most cases) implement the solution. Since they are very knowledgeable of the way the system is integrated with the company’s goals, some students continue working with those companies after the course ends.

BUSI4406  Business Analytics

Through this course you’ll be able to add to your resume one of the most sought after skills in today’s economy. This course builds a deep understanding of how ICTs can support the primary role of managers: making decisions. Through a series of modules, students develop skills to support the decision-making process of individuals and groups. Guest speakers working in the field bring to class relevant daily applications that are helping Canadian businesses succeed in this new globalized economy.

Curious about your timetable?

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Career Opportunities

IS graduates are among the top ten in starting salaries and are in high demand by major consulting firms and other large organizations, initially as business and systems analysts and later as project managers and IT executives. Below are some examples of career paths for IS grads:

  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Technology Consultant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Content Management Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Application Developer

Outside the Classroom

Sprott Information Systems Student Association

SISSA is a student-run body designed to offer all students the opportunity to be involved in networking, fundraising, and mentoring events regarding information systems and technology.

Inter-University Case Competitions

Sprott students have proven they are among the best in the world, earning top place finishes at international business case competitions. Through our case training program, Sprott Competes, students develop critical skills in analysis, presentation, integrative thinking, communication and teamwork.

Career Development and Support

Sprott’s Business Career Management Centre offers exclusive access to business-specific job postings, employer networking opportunities, career skills workshops, one-on-one career advising, interview preparation, resume reviews, and more!

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