Bachelor of International BusinessAre you interested in understanding what the numbers mean? A Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Accounting is the logical choice for you, however accounting is much more than number crunching. Accountants are business leaders who provide key counsel and strategic leadership, and also support other areas of business that rely on financial data, planning, analysis  and valuation.

Our accounting program will provide you with all of the academic courses required for entry into the CPA Canada Professional Education Program (PEP). You will be exempt from taking the Core and Elective modules of the PEP and will only be required to challenge the exams for these modules after which you will proceed directly to the Capstone Modules and Common Final Examination.

In addition, co-op hours in an approved placement can count toward the practical experience requirements to become a CPA.

Superior record of success in professional accounting exams

Sprott students and graduates have a long record of outstanding performance in professional accounting exams.

Course Highlights

BUSI 2002: Intermediate Accounting II

An examination of accounting and reporting issues related primarily to liabilities and equities.

BUSI 3007: Auditing I

Auditing theory, methodology and application.

BUSI 4002: Advanced Accounting Problems

Discussion, analysis, and integration of accounting, auditing, and income tax issues and problems encountered in professional practice. This course builds upon and integrates the knowledge and skills developed in preceding courses.

BUSI 4005: Taxation II

An intensive review of federal income tax laws and regulations as significant elements in the planning and decision making process of taxable Canadian corporations. Emphasis on the tax planning function of corporate management and the associated accounting and reporting aspects.

Curious about your timetable?

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Outside the Classroom

Join the Sprott Accounting Students’ Association, where you can develop the develop the professional, social and academic skills for careers in accounting.  SASA also offers many opportunities to network with accounting professionals and firms.

Sprott students take part in several interuniversity accounting case competitions, in addition to a variety of industry-sponsored leadership and professional development opportunities.

Get real, hands-on accounting experience by participating in tax clinics serving Carleton students and working with local charities to complete their information returns.

Master of Accounting

Sprott’s new Master of Accounting (MAcc) is a rigorous program that will provide a gateway to a career as a professional accountant. Students graduating from the MAcc will be exempt from the CPA Canada Professional Education Program (PEP) and will proceed directly to the CPA Canada Common Final Examination, which one of the final steps in becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant. Students who successfully graduate from the BCom Accounting concentration are eligible to apply to the MAcc program.

Career Opportunities

  • Forensic Accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • Tax Specialist
  • Auditor
  • Treasurer
  • Financial Analyst
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