Sprott MBA courses are offered in a six and 12-week pattern. Please review the program structure.


Summer 2019 Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2018

Sept. 1 Last day for receipt of applications from potential fall (November) graduates.
Sept. 3 Statutory holiday. University closed.
Sept. 4 Academic orientation (graduate students)
Sept. 6-7 MBA Skills Workshop
Sept. 10 MBA Fall 1 and Fall 1&2 terms begin.
Sept. 18 Last day of registration for fall term and fall/winter courses.
Sept. 30 Last day to withdraw from Fall term courses with a full fee adjustment (financial withdrawal). Withdrawals after this date will create no financial change to Fall term fees.
Oct. 8 Statutory holiday. University closed.
Oct. 19 Fall 1 term ends. Last day for academic withdrawal from Fall 1 term courses.
Oct. 22-26 Fall break. Classes are suspended.
Oct. 29 – Nov. 2 MBA Exam week.
Nov. 5 Fall 2 term begins.
Nov. 25

Winter Payment Deadline. Click here for important payment information. Late charges may be applied to the student account any time after this date.

Dec. 7

Last day for academic withdrawal from Fall 2 and Fall 1&2 term courses.

Dec. 14

Fall 2 and Fall 1&2 term ends.

Dec. 17 – 21

MBA Exam week.

Dec. 25-Jan. 1, 2019.

University closed.

Winter 2019

Jan. 7

MBA Winter 1 and Winter 1&2 terms begin.

Jan. 18

Last day for registration for Winter 1 and Winter 1&2 term courses.

Last day to change courses or sections for winter term courses.

Jan. 31

Last day for a fee adjustment when withdrawing from Winter term 1 or Winter term 1&2 courses (financial withdrawal). Withdrawals after this date will create no financial change to Winter term fees.

Feb. 15 Winter 1 term ends. Last day for academic withdrawal from Winter 1 courses.
Feb. 18 Statutory holiday, University closed.
Feb. 18-22 Winter Break. Classes are suspended.
Feb. 25-March 1 MBA Exam week.
March 4 MBA Winter 2 term begins.
April 9 Last day for academic withdrawal from Winter 2 and Winter 1&2 courses.
April 12 Winter 2 and Winter 1&2 term ends.
April 15-19 MBA Exam week.
April 19 Statutory holiday, University closed.

MBA Program 2018/2019 Academic Year

MBA Skills Workshop: Thursday, September 6 to Friday, September 7, 2018
Term Activity Start Date Make Up Class End Date
F1 Classes Monday, Sept. 10 Friday, Oct. 12 Friday, Oct. 19
Fall FALL BREAK WEEK Monday, Oct. 22 Friday, Oct. 26
F1 Exam Week Monday, Oct. 29 Friday, Nov. 2
F2 Classes Monday, Nov. 5 Friday, Dec. 14
F2 Exam Week Monday, Dec. 17 Friday, Dec. 21
W1 Classes Monday, Jan. 7 Friday, Feb. 15
Winter WINTER BREAK WEEK Monday, Feb. 18 Friday, Feb. 22
W1 Exam Week Monday Feb. 25 Friday, Mar. 2
W2 Classes Monday, Mar. 4 Friday, Apr. 12
W2 Exam Week Monday, Apr. 15 Friday, Apr. 19


Graduate Calendar, General Regulations

Graduate Calendar, Sprott MBA Program

Students should familiarize themselves with the policies below, as they represent important rules and regulations regarding the specific policy area covered – and these rules affect student. Some of the policies below are university wide – denoted by Carleton University preceding the name of the policy, while others are Faculty policies and are so indicated as Faculty of Graduate Studies, and some are MBA specific policies.

Other student policies can be found on the Carleton University Student Affairs web site or on the University Secretariat web site.