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Carolina Lopez

Brussels, Belgium



Carolina is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the French language stream. She is studying at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in Brussels, Belgium. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your goals and interests:

I grew up living in four different countries. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru but when I turned five, I began moving to different countries until I moved to Canada in 2010. I grew up in Oakville, Ontario and in 2017 I decided to move to Ottawa to attend Carleton University and study International Business.

My interests include listening to podcasts, writing, listening to music, cooking, discovering new foods, the global economy and travelling.

My goals for this experience is to be able to become fluent in French, explore as much as I can in Europe as it is my first time going there and being able to share and help other Sprott students interested on exchange.

Why did you choose your language?

I chose French because my mother tongue is Spanish so that helped me out a lot learning French. After my year abroad I hope to be fluent in French and be trilingual as I think languages are a good asset to have, especially in an international environment.

Have you ever traveled overseas before? If so, where?

Yes, I was born in Lima, Peru and lived there for eight years. Then I moved to Quito, Ecuador and lived there for two years. I then moved to Colombia and lived there for a year as well. My last destination growing up was Canada. I also have had the chance to go to Venezuela several times.

What three things MUST you take with you while abroad?

The three things that I think are a must to take while abroad are; a camera, a journal and essential oils.

Cameras are great to capture memories and to share them with others. Journaling will help when things get tough (culture shock, etc.) and it is a good way to relieve stress and share emotions. Essential oils will be calming if at any point I feel anxious or stressed. They have helped me throughout my university experience and will definitely come with me on the trip.

What are you most looking forward to?

This will be my first time travelling alone and to a new place like Europe, so I am looking forward to all of it. Learning in a new country, learning to live on my own in a new culture, and exploring as much as I can!