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Hello Readers!

As the second semester has recently started, life has been busy with scheduling courses and re-settling back into the Parisian lifestyle.

I decided to go back to Canada for the Christmas holidays and spend it with my family and friends. The holidays are quite extensive here – from December 8 to January 20!

Now that I’m back in Paris, I plan to travel to other European countries, starting with Amsterdam and Belgium! Of course, my travels will be documented in my next blog post so you are able to witness the dazzling, cultural lifestyles that these enchanting countries have to offer.

For now, let’s talk about Paris and some sights to see that must not be overlooked when you commence your travels abroad. Also, the sites mentioned below are completely free of entry with proof your student card.

Cultural Landmarks

  1. Notre-Dame Cathedral

one side of Notre-Dame Cathedral from the outside

View of one of the sides of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Offering free entry for students, the Notre-Dame Cathedral contains a wealth of historic knowledge, making this site more intriguing. Here are some facts that most aren’t aware of …

  • This gothic cathedral stands above The Île-de-la-Cité, which was once a Roman city known as Lutetia.
  • The organ inside the church is known to be the largest pipe organ in France, with 8,000 pipes and five keyboards.
  • 52 acres of trees were cut downin the 12th century, solely for the purpose of the woodwork of the Notre-Dame.

The aesthetics of the interior is gorgeous with its kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows and numerous confessional booths.


Sarah Jane on the steps of Sacre-Coeur

Myself standing at the base of Sacre-Coeur

Located in Montmartre, this Roman Catholic Church is positioned at the highest point of Montmartre Hill. The summit of this church is 213 meters, making it the second highest point in Paris.

The breathtaking infrastructure, interior and exterior, was financed by Parisians who graciously donated money towards the construction and consistent maintenance throughout the church.

I think this is the perfect place to visit as it provides a sense of tranquility with its serene ambiance.

  1. Sainte-Chapelle

The exterior of Sainte-Chapelle, looking up at the tall church.

Exterior of Sainte-Chapelle

Built by King Louis IX, this chapel is split into two sections with the lower level dedicated to the officers and the upper level to the king and his family.

Although the architect of this chapel remains a mystery, the stained glass windows on the upper level (618 m2) exhibit various Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, showcasing 1,130 Biblical characters.

This view of Paris from the upper level of this Holy Chapel is absolutely astonishing. Make sure to mark this a must-see sight on your tourist list!

Those are my top 3 chapels/churches that I highly recommend visiting in Paris. Of course, there are other smaller, inconspicuous churches to be seen in Paris; however, I would start with these.

Until next time, a few travel tips to keep in mind…

Sarah Jane in front of Centre Pompidou

Standing in front of Centre Pompidou

  1. Whenever you are traveling anywhere in Paris, I recommend not carrying your entire wallet with you because of potential pickpockets. I always carry one bank card and some cash (not all of it) so if it was to get stolen, the risk is small compared to losing all your cards and cash.
  2. Always use the buddy system, especially at night. When walking in the underground metro systems, the walks can be quite lengthy (up to five minutes sometimes). Always travel in pairs.
  3. If you are ever in need of a quick snack, there is a boulangerie on every corner! 95% of the time, they offer baguette sandwiches, croissants, and sweets. It is extremely convenient.

Sarah Jane is a third-year BIB student studying abroad in France.

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