The virtual Sprott Undergraduate Student Lounge is a place for all Sprott students to connect remotely. Similarly to the physical Sprott student lounge, this video call is available for students to enter 24/7. Use this space to meet other Sprott students and feel connected to your Sprott community, whether you are in Canada or around the world.

We encourage you to join in regularly to meet your peers – log in to the call while you are studying, eating your lunch, or when you feel like speaking with another Sprott student.

Throughout the year, the SBSS and other Sprott clubs will host events within the lounge, including workshops, social events, and opportunities to win prizes!

You can also join us weekly on Faculty Fridays, for a Coffee Hour with different Sprott faculty and staff – we are looking forward to meeting you, learning about your experiences, and sharing with you opportunities and strategies to support you throughout the year.

Community Standards – please read this carefully before joining the lounge:

Thank you for joining us at the Sprott Undergraduate Student Lounge. We encourage you to respect and use this platform as a safe space for dialogue, sharing, and building connection amongst members of the Sprott community.

Please be considerate while using the space and ensure that your comments are respectful of all members of our diverse community. Note that the Carleton Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy governs the use of this space and that you should not share any sensitive personal information about yourself or another student in this chat.

We ask that should you have any questions, concerns, or should you witness inappropriate behaviour, that you document and email your concerns to

Join the Sprott Student Undergraduate Lounge