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Winter 2013 Course Outlines

BIT 2002B – Marketing in the IT Sector (Melamed) 
BUSI 1001D – Principles of Financial Accounting (Allaham) 
BUSI 1002 – Management Accounting (Jarescni)
BUSI 1004H – Financial Accounting for Business Students (Sakka)
BUSI 2001D – Intermediate Accounting I (Sakka)
BUSI 2002B/C – Intermediate Accounting II (Herauf)
BUSI 2204B – Basic Marketing (Melamed)
BUSI 2208G – Introduction to Marketing (Sang)
BUSI 2208J – Introduction to Marketing (Sang)
BUSI 2301F/G – Introduction to Operations Management (Cai)
BUSI 2505 – Business Finance (Mohsni)
BUSI 2701E – Fundamentals of International Business (Rose)
BUSI 2701H – Fundamentals of International Business (Rose)
BUSI 3204B – Marketing: New Tools and Approaches (Burnett)
BUSI 3207A – Marketing Research (Kwan)
BUSI 3309 – Project Management (Sibley)
BUSI 3401A – Applications Development for Online Environments (Smith-Cao)
BUSI 3802A – Practicum in Business Design (Poirier)
BUSI 4000A – Accounting Theory (Pollanen)
BUSI 4104A – Strategic Human Resources Management (Hall)
BUSI 4108A – Organizational Learning (Schweitzer)
BUSI 4205B/C – International Marketing (Papadopuolos)
BUSI 4302 – Management of Quality (Cloutier)
BUSI 4404A – IT Infrastructure (Boyce)
BUSI 4500A/B – Advanced Corporate Finance (Mohsni)
BUSI 4502A/B – Portfolio Management (Lawson)
BUSI 4602A – Women In Management (Rasouli)
BUSI 4705B – Ethics and Cross-Cultural Interaction (Peippo)
BUSI 4706B – International Human Resource Management (Kiggundu)
BUSI 4707B – Regionalism and Globalization (Pennie)