Early Summer

Course Title Instructor
BUSI1001R Financial Acounting Jacques Maurice
BUSI1004R Financial Accounting for Business Students Jacques Maurice
BUSI2001R Intermediate Accounting I Jacques Maurice
BUSI2101A Organizational Behaviour Rob Smart
BUSI2121A Introduction to Organizational Behaviour Paul Hope
BUSI2204A Basic Marketing Irene Lu
BUSI2301A Intro to Operations Management Ahmad Teymouri
BUSI2400A Foundations of Information Systems Al Pilcher
BUSI2504A Business Finance I Yinlin Zhang
BUSI2601A Business Law Sam Schwisberg
BUSI3008R Intermediate Management Accounting & Control Shannon Butler
BUSI3102A Introduction to Human Resources Management Jade (Yu) Han
BUSI4601A Business Ethics Nailah Ayub

Late Summer

Course Title Instructor
BUSI1002R Management Accounting Jacques Maurice
BUSI1005R Managerial Accounting for Business Students Jacques Maurice
BUSI2002R Intermediate Accounting II Jacques Maurice
BUSI2208A Introduction to Marketing Michel Rod
BUSI2505A Business Finance II Kobana Abukari
BUSI2701A Fundamentals of International Business William Clements
BUSI3103A Intro to Organizational Theory Rumaisa Shaukat
BUSI3309A Project Management Zafor Amed
BUSI4008R Advanced Management Accounting & Control Shannon Butler

Full Summer

Course Title Instructor
BUSI2800A Entrepreneruship Stephen Davies
BUSI3001R Accounting for Business Combinations Bijan Toufighi
BUSI3999A Co-Op Work Term Ouafa Sakka
BUSI4609A Strategic Management Cheryl Volesky
BUSI4719A Practicum in International Business Andrew Webb
BUSI4904A Directed Studies I Howard Nemiroff
BUSI4905A Directed Studies II Howard Nemiroff