BUSI 1001 Financial Accounting Maurice, Jacques
BUSI 1002 Management Accounting Maurice, Jacques
BUSI 1004 Financial Accounting for Business Students Maurice, Jacques
BUSI 1005 Managerial Accounting for Business St Proulx, Patricia
BUSI 1402 Intro Business Info & Comm Tech  Tamim, Haitham
BUSI 2001 Intermediate Accounting I Maurice, Jacques
BUSI 2002 Intermediate Accounting II Bellomo, Anthony
BUSI 2101 Intro Organizational Behaviour McKay, Ruth
BUSI 2204 Basic Marketing Lu, Irene
BUSI 2208 Introduction to Marketing Lu, Irene
BUSI 2301 Intro to Operations Management Horricks, Michael
BUSI 2400 Foundations of Info Systems Pilcher, G.
BUSI 2504 Essentials of Business Finance Oldford, Erin
BUSI 2505 Business Finance Otchere, Isaac
BUSI 2601 Business Law LeVasseur, Gilles
BUSI 2701 Fundamentals of International Business Massi, Marta
BUSI 3001 Acc for Business Combinations Jarecsni, John
BUSI 3008 Intermediate Mgmnt Accounting Jarecsni, John
BUSI 3102 Human Resources Management McKay, Ruth
BUSI 3103 Intro to Organizational Theory Shaukat, Rumaisa
BUSI 3309 Project Management Kendrick, Paul
BUSI 4009 Auditing II Williams, Matthew
BUSI 4601 Business Ethics Uruthirapathy, Aareni
BUSI 4609 Strategic Management Ierfino-Blachford, L.
BUSI 4609 Strategic Management Ierfino-Blachford, L.
BUSI 4609 Strategic Management Sabadoz, C.
BUSI 4900 Auditing III Church, Bailey
BUSI 4901 Selected Topics in Mgnt I