Course Title Instructor
BIT 2001A Introduction to Business Doretha Carrington
BIT 2002A Marketing in the IT Sector Murray Sang
BUSI1001R Principles of Financial Accounting Jacques Maurice
BUSI1002R Management Accounting Jacques Maurice
BUSI1003A/T Survey Of Accounting Patti Proulx
BUSI1004A/B/C/D/E/F Financial Accounting for Business Students Kate Ruff, Lucille Perreault, Ajay Pangarkar
BUSI1005A Managerial Accounting for Business Students Ajay Pangarkar
BUSI1402A Intro to Business Info & Communication Tech Alex Ramirez
BUSI1701A Introduction to International Business Abdulghany Mohamed
BUSI1800A Introduction to Business Andrew Webb
BUSI2001A Intermediate Accounting I Ouafa Sakka
BUSI2001R Intermediate Accounting I Jacques Maurice
BUSI2002R Intermediate Accounting II Jacques Maurice
BUSI2101A Organizational Behaviour Troy Anderson
BUSI2121A Intro Organizational Behaviour Vilma Coutino-Hill
BUSI2204A Basic Marketing Kaleem Mahmood
BUSI2208A Introduction to Marketing Murray Sang
BUSI2208B Introduction to Marketing Leighann Neilson
BUSI2208C Introduction to Marketing Leighann Neilson
BUSI2301A Intro to Operations Management Mohammad Rahmatian
BUSI2301B Intro to Operations Management Alan Cai
BUSI2301C Intro to Operations Management Amir Khataie
BUSI2400 A/B/C Foundations of Info Systems Mike Hine, Rob Riordan
BUSI2402A Business Application Development Alex Ramirez
BUSI2503R Introduction to Finance Isaac Otchere
BUSI2504A/B Business Finance I Michael McIntyre
BUSI2504C Business Finance I Mohamed Al Guindy
BUSI2504D Business Finance I Yinlin Zhang
BUSI2504E Business Finance I Michael Reynolds
BUSI2505A Business Finance II Paul Wefers-Bettink
BUSI2506A Financial Statement Analysis Darrell Herauf
BUSI2601A Business Law Sam Schwisberg
BUSI2701A Fundamentals of International Business Daniel Gulanowski
BUSI2701B Fundamentals of International Business Jeremy Brzozowski
BUSI2701C Fundamentals of International Business Jeremy Brzozowski
BUSI2702A/B Intro to International Management Luciara Nardon
BUSI2800A Entrepreneurship Rowland Few
BUSI2800B Entrepreneurship Rowland Few
BUSI3001B Accounting for Business Combinations Darrell Herauf
BUSI3001R Accounting for Business Combinations Bijan Toufighi
BUSI3005A Taxation I Rebecca Renfroe
BUSI3005B Taxation I Rebecca Renfroe
BUSI3007A Auditing I Natalia Rydel
BUSI3007B Auditing I Donia Torabi
BUSI3008A Intermediate Management Accounting & Control John Jarecsni
BUSI3102A/B/C Introduction to Human Resources Management Ruth McKay
BUSI3103A/B/C Intro to Organizational Theory Shibu Pal
BUSI3104A Managing Individual Performance Rob Smart
BUSI3106A Managing Conflict & Negotiation Angela Dionisi
BUSI 3117A/B Developing Creative Thinking Troy Anderson
BUSI3119A Sustainability & the Role of Business Sujit Sur
BUSI3205A Marketing Communications Robin Ritchie
BUSI3209A Consumer Behaviour Irene Lu
BUSI3301A Supply Chain Fundamentals Alan Cai
BUSI3305A Logistics & Transportation Aaron Nsakanda
BUSI3309A/B/C Project Management Aaron Nsakanda
BUSI3400A Data and Info Management Mike Hine
BUSI3500A/B Applied Corporate Finance David Jackson
BUSI3502A/B Investments David Jackson
BUSI3512A/B Derivatives Yuriy Zabolotnyuk
BUSI3600A Entrepreneurial Strategies Stephen Davies
BUSI3700A Cross-Cultural Communication Virginia Taylor
BUSI3703A International & Comparative Management Rumaisa Shaukat
BUSI3704A The Environment of International Business Abdulghany Mohamed
BUSI3800A Business Case Analysis Rob Riordan
BUSI3810A Business Development Rowland Few
BUSI3820A Practicum Business Design Rowland Few
BUSI3999A Co-op Work Term Darrell Herauf
BUSI4005A Taxation II Kody Wilson
BUSI4008A Advanced Management Accounting & Control Shannon Butler
BUSI4008R Advanced Management Accounting & Control Shannon Butler
BUSI4111A Training & Development Troy Anderson
BUSI4112A Organizational Leadership Angela Dionisi
BUSI4119A Practicum in Management
BUSI4129A Managing the Arts Julian Armour
BUSI4203A Marketing In Not-for-Profit Organizations Dobrila Rancic-Moogk
BUSI4205A International Marketing Strategy Rettanai Kannan, Dhanachitra
BUSI4331A E-Supply Chain Technology & Management Michael Horricks
BUSI4400A IS Strategy,Management & Acquisition Gerry Grant
BUSI4406A Business Analytics Alex Ramirez
BUSI4408A Social Analytics Mike Hine
BUSI4503A Applied Portfolio Management Howard Nemiroff
BUSI4504A International Finance Graham Edwards
BUSI4510A Mergers & Acquisitions Michael Reynolds
BUSI4511A Fixed Income Analysis Yuriy Zabolotnyuk
BUSI4515A Micro Finance Najib Khan
BUSI4601A/B Business Ethnics Sefa Hayibor
BUSI4607A Management of Technology & Innovation Tom Duxbury
BUSI4608A Canadian Business History Matthew Bellamy
BUSI4609A Strategic Management Cheryl Volesky
BUSI4609B Strategic Management Cheryl Volesky
BUSI4705A Ethnics & Cross-cultural Interaction Richard Clayman
BUSI4708A International Expansion & Operations Dennis Sakalauskas
BUSI4709A Strategic Management for International Business Dennis Sakalauskas
BUSI4717A Managing Globalization in Emerging Economics Abdulghany Mohamed
BUSI4719A Practicum in International Business Lorna Unger
BUSI4810A Practicum in Business Creation Tony Bailetti
BUSI4901A Topics in Business I Ouafa Sakka
BUSI4901C Topics in Business I Irene Lu
BUSI4904A Directed Studies I
BUSI4905A Directed Studies II