Teaching assistants (TA) are an integral asset to the success of any course. Whether you want to become a TA or would like to connect with your course TA, we invite you to check out the resources listed below.

What can a TA do for me?

Working with your TA for your assigned course can make or break your ability to understand course content and expectations and can help you achieve better grades. Find out more about what your TA can do for you!

Apply to become a TA

The Sprott School of Business recruits Teaching Assistants for many of its business courses. Apply anytime through Carleton Central.  You will be able to indicate the term you are applying for.

Resources for Teaching Assistants

The Educational Development Centre (EDC) offers a wide variety of training sessions and resources for TA’s. Check out the EDC website for a complete list of details.

TA Excellence Award

Starting Fall of 2007 the Sprott TA Excellence award will be awarded to one undergraduate TA and one graduate TA assisting in Sprott classes in the Fall term and one undergraduate TA and one graduate assisting in Sprott classes in the Winter term of each academic year. No Summer award is contemplated currently.

Winners will receive $500, plus a letter of commendation and a plaque. TAs cannot win the award more than once in any single academic year (i.e. fall and winter).

Nomination Process

  • Undergraduates and graduates must have been engaged to be TAs for at least 40 hours to be eligible for nomination
  • Sprott TA mentors (current or past) cannot be nominated for this award
  • If you are a student wanting to nominate a TA, please fill out the online nomination form
  • If you are an instructor wanting to nominate your TA, please fill out the nomination form for Instructors

Short List Selection Process

The short list selection committee will comprise the Sprott TA mentor(s), one faculty member & one member of admin staff. The committee will record and review all nominations. Nominations of any TAs who have already been a recipient of this award in the academic year in question will be noted but excluded. A short list of 5 nominations will be drawn up based on the following criteria:

  • TAs nominated by both faculty and students,
  • Multiple signatures (three or more),
  • Multiple nominations across consecutive academic years (two or more)
  • Recommendations in the nomination letter that fulfill at least two of the overall criteria described below.
  • If the total number of nominations is less than 5 the Sprott TA award committee (see below) will review all nominations short listed but reserves the right to cancel the award for that term

Overall Criteria

A Sprott TA award committee headed by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) will review the short list and make a decision based on the following criteria :

  • Communication – quality of communication with students and professor(s).
  • Teaching – teaching ability demonstrated in tutorials, office hours, grading feedback, or other opportunities.
  • Grading – quality of grading in terms of fairness and promptness, helpfulness and relevance of feedback given, and involvement in course delivery, assignment or exam design

Other noted qualities demonstrating commitment above and beyond expectation (for example, design of assignments or exams, bringing to attention of professors and students reading or viewing material that complements the selected course material).

The Sprott TA Award committee may call on the short list group for clarification on any issue.

Presentation of Award

  • Notification of the winner will take place within one month of close of nominations.
  • Awards may be presented or announced at Sprott events subject to event schedules and winner availability.