Everyone is capable of being a leader.

Sometimes you just need the right opportunity to get involved and the right people to help your leadership skills.

These opportunities are only for Sprott students and allow you to take an active leadership role in the Sprott School of Business.

As long as you are open to learning and trying new things, you’re sure to find a leadership opportunity that is right for you!

Sprott Student Ambassador Program

Be an official representative of the Sprott School of Business!

Ambassador activities include:

  1. Assisting in general event coordination
  2. Meeting and greeting special guests
  3. Attending recruitment events
  4. Hosting a prospective Sprott student

Ambassadors develop interpersonal, public speaking and networking skills. The Sprott Student Ambassador Program qualifies for the Co-curricular Record.

All Sprott BCom and BIB students are welcome.

To apply, complete the online application form.

For more information, contact Allison Shields.

Sprosh – Sprott Fall Orientation

A fun-filled week of events offering a dynamic mix of social and academic initiatives that is designed for new first year students in the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of International Business programs at the Sprott School of Business.

Junior Achievement Program

What is the Junior Achievement Program at Sprott?

In partnership with Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE), the Sprott Junior Achievement Program provides students with meaningful volunteer opportunities. The 2 programs that Sprott students can volunteer for are:

  1.    Business Basics: Business Basics is a dynamic one-day program that introduces students to the fundamentals of starting a business. Through the consideration of four key business concepts, students develop an understanding of how a business is run. The four key business concepts that are taught are: organization, management, production, and marketing. This program is presented to grade 5 students in local Ottawa elementary schools.
  2.    JA Economics for Success: Economics for Success equips youth with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively look after their money which will serve them later on in life as they plan for their education and dreams and ambitions.  Opportunities to pursue post-secondary education and training is shared with students as they consider future career options. Topics include: the world of work; career options; budgeting; employability skills; student interviews; goal setting; and career planning steps. This program is presented to grade 8 students in local Ottawa high schools.

How do I sign up?

Sprott students, with 2nd year standing or higher, can submit an Application Form directly to ONFE year-round. Please note that in addition to the online Application Form, you will also need to provide to ONFE: 2 references and complete a short interview (in person or via phone) prior to being invited to attend a program orientation session.

As a representative of the Sprott School of Business and a JA Volunteer you will be asked to:

  • deliver a one day workshop in a local school by sharing fundamental concepts in business and life planning;
  • create awareness, and promote entrepreneurism and business as real options for their future;
  • work in partnership with an industry professional.

The program offers participants the opportunity to develop their organizational, leadership and public speaking skills, while building a network of Sprott students, and industry professionals. You can also earn recognition on your Carleton Co-Curricular record.