Are you someone who thrives on creative challenges and new experiences?

Applications are now being accepted for BUSI 4117 Developing Creative Thinking for the 2020-21 academic year.

BUSI 4117 is a full-year, one-credit course in which you work in close partnership with both a colleague from another faculty at Carleton and members of a community. Depending on the stream that you choose, you will either: a) work on solutions to a problem that you define in concert with your partner and community members, or b) work with community members in a capacity building role, in which you will develop and execute a curriculum with local youth. The course will integrate a field trip of approximately two weeks, either over the holiday break or immediately after final exams in April 2021. The field trip schedule will of course depend on the evolution of the current COVID-19 situation.

There are four options for the course this year:

OPTION A: From Buckets to Rainbarrels: Tanzania.

In this section, you will be paired with a peer in Industrial Design as part of our seventh cohort to go to the predominantly Maasai district of Longido, Tanzania to work on solutions to various issues.

OPTION B: Courts for Change

In this section, you will work with both varsity student athletes from a variety of disciplines and students from Industrial Design to design or rehabilitate Sport/Recreation facilities and to design and offer Sport and Wellness programs in remote communities.

OPTION C: Northern Lights: Canadian Arctic

In this section, you will be paired with a fellow student from either industrial design or neuroscience, and will engage in research and co-design on a current problem with clients from our northern communities. You will be using some innovative distance collaboration technologies being developed by our HCI department at Carleton.

OPTION D: Food Insecurity in Ottawa

Sprott students will team up with students from Carleton’s Food Science program, and then will work directly with the community to identify and tackle issues which are causing food insecurity within communities in the city.


All sections will involve significant fundraising on the part of students during the first term to finance the on-the ground costs of the field trip. Your out-of-pocket expenses will total approximately $2,500, depending on travel costs, fundraising success, and for Tanzania, exchange rate fluctuations. If you have questions about the course, please contact Troy Anderson, or Rob Smart for Option B.

To enroll, please fill out the application form below. There a limited number of spaces in each option.

If you have questions about the course, please contact Troy Anderson, or Rob Smart for Option B.

If you would like to speak to members of this past year’s cohort for Option A, contact Kennedy Lichti, Claire Garcia or Allison Lee.

BUSI 4117 Application Form