BUSI 3800 [0.5 credit] – Business Case Analysis

BUSI 3800 teaches the ins and outs of case analysis and developing viable solutions. You’ll also learn how to transform your ideas into a persuasive presentation. Each week, you and your team will tackle real life business problems and present your analysis to classmates and supportive guest judges. Students who love this course are inquisitive and enjoy rising to the challenge.

All students who wish to be considered for a team in a Sprott-supported academic competition must currently be taking (or have completed) BUSI 3800.

This course is taught by Professor Kate Ruff.

“I can confidently say that this was my favorite course thus far. I am so much more confident in my analysis abilities, group work skills and presentation abilities now. It was the only course where the three hours flew by and I wished the classes would go on longer!” ~ BUSI 3800 student winter 2020

Prerequisite(s): minimum 7.0 Major CGPA in B.Com. or B.I.B. and permission of the School.

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BUSI 3800