1. Compose a conflict-free schedule before your time-ticket opens.
  2. Be sure to register as soon as your time-ticket opens.
  3. Register for BOTH Fall and Winter terms.
  4. 2.5 credits per term = total of 5.0 credits for your first year.

Tips for Constructing a Conflict-Free Timetable

Compose your schedule for both Fall and Winter terms in this order:

  1. Schedule Language courses: One course in the Fall; one course in Winter
  2. Schedule MATH course: Winter
  3. Schedule BUSI courses: Two courses in the Fall; one in Winter
  4. Schedule ECON courses: ECON 1001 in the Fall and ECON 1002 in the Winter.

What About Tutorials?

Some of your BUSI, MATH, and ECON courses have tutorials. A tutorial is a section of the course that is distinguished by a number following the letter (e.g. B01, B02, C01, C02, etc.)

You must register into the same tutorial as the lecture. For example, if you register in BUSI 1004 A, then you must also register into A01, A02 or A03, etc.

If you encounter a ‘link’ error message when you register, it’s most likely because you forgot to register into a tutorial.

Have several possible conflict-free tutorials in mind in case one is full when you register.

Language Courses

Spaces in language courses (especially the intensive sections) fill up quickly!

Registering as soon as your time-ticket opens increases your chances of getting into your preferred language. If you encounter a ‘closed’ or ‘full’ message as you attempt to register into a language course, please do two things:

  1. Submit a Course Override Request, saying you need this course for First Year BIB. (This is a tab along the bottom of the Registration Screen.)
  2. Email the BIB Advisor to let them know you have submitted a request. Provide specific information about the course and include your full name and student number.

Placement Tests

Most students choose a language in which they are absolute beginners. If you choose a language in which you already have some proficiency, you MUST take a placement test (Please note:  All students selecting French must take a placement test, even if they’re beginners).

Beginners in a language: Please take the 2.0 credits of language courses indicated.

Students who place at French levels 1002, 1100, or 2100,  please take the 2.0 credits indicated.

If you are placed at the 2000-or-3000-level in a language, please email bib@sprott.carleton.ca for advice on which language course to take.

If you are placed above the 3000-level in CHIN, JAPA, GERM, SPAN (or above level 2100 in FREN), you must choose a different language.

Recommended Language Course Section for Beginners –  Fall/Winter 2018-19

Language Fall Winter
German GERM 1110 [1.0 credit] Fall:  Section A (32724) GERM 2110 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section A (12653)
Japanese JAPA 1110 [1.0 credit] Fall: Section B (33262) JAPA 2110 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section A (13177)
Mandarin Chinese CHIN 1110 [1.0 credit] Fall: Section A (30883) CHIN 2110 [1.0 credit] Winter:  Section A (10889)
Spanish SPAN 1110 [1.0 credit] Fall:  Section A (35010)
or Section B (35011)
SPAN 2110 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section A (14836)
or Section B (14837)
French – Beginner FREN 1001 [1.0 credit] Fall:  Section A (32496) FREN 1002 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section B (12431)
French – 1002 FREN 1002 [1.0 credit] Fall:  Section A (32500)  FREN 1100 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section C (12443)
French – 1100  FREN 1100 [1.0 credit] Fall:  Section E (32513)  FREN 2100 [1.0 credit] Winter: Section E (12455)
French – 2100 FREN 2100 [1.0 credit] full year, Fall and Winter: any Section except E FREN 2401 [1.0 credit] full year, Fall and Winter, or: FREN 2202 [0.5 credit] and FREN 2203 [0.5 credit] one in Fall, one in Winter.

Still have questions? Contact the BIB Advisor at bib@sprott.carleton.ca or 613-520-7514

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