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Sprott Course Description Form

  • Student Information

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • Please supply a Carleton email address.
  • Host Institution Information

  • Course Description

  • example: BUSI XXXX
  • Formula used for Credit Transfer
  • Total Number of In-Class Hours
  • Calculation: hours per week multiplied by the number of weeks
  • In original language, and translated into English
  • (I.e. "Near the middle of the page" or "Beneath _____ subheading")
  • (I.e. "Near the middle of the page" or "Beneath _____ subheading")
  • Please indicate, in detail, the topics addressed week by week in each lecture
  • For each, please give full names of all authors, name of publishing company, country of publication, and date of publication
  • Assignments, tests, exams — please give percentages
  • Additional Comments