Course Selection

Know your Academic Audit (from Carleton Central) so you can clearly see the outstanding Items on your Audit. Courses taken while abroad must be able to fit into the outstanding Items.

The BCom Audit has Items into which courses from abroad are transferred:

  • Electives 
  • If a course is given equivalence to an outstanding course on your Audit (including concentration courses), then the course will be transferred to that Item.
  • If appropriate, courses such as ECON 3xxx, LAWS 3xxx, PSCI 3xxx, etc. might be approved towards the list of Concentration Electives (last Item in the Concentration).
  • If you are in the I.B. Concentration, 0.5-credit of approved course from abroad will be put into Concentration #1 to satisfy BUSI 4719 (Practicum in International Business).

Do NOT register for courses on exchange that are:

  • equivalent to a course you’ve already taken
  • similar in content to a course you’ve already taken
  • equivalent to a course that’s precluded by a course you’ve already taken. Read Calendar descriptions of the Carleton courses you’ve already taken to see preclusions. For example, BUSI 2204 precludes BUSI 2208 Intro to Marketing; STAT 2507 precludes STAT 2606; BUSI 2503 precludes BUSI 2504 Business Finance I; BUSI 2701 and BUSI 2101 precludes BUSI 2702 Intro to International Management.
  • equivalent to BUSI 4709 or BUSI 4609. Strategy must be taken at Carleton in Fourth Year.
  • equivalent to BUSI 4705 or BUSI 4601. Ethics must be taken at Carleton in Fourth Year.

Course Approval Process

There are five steps to the course approval process:

  1. Submit the courses you’re interested in taking for the semester abroad to Carleton Central (Student Online Applications: Outgoing International Exchange). If you’re studying abroad for a full year, submit the courses you’re interested in taking for the first semester abroad.The prompts are: 1-Add Courses.  2-List Courses. 3- Create Course. 4 – Is this a business course?If you have questions about the Carleton Central process (Steps 1 to 4) please use the email prompt on Carleton Central.
    • Note: As you make your preliminary course selection, check the Registrar Office’s Database of Equivalents to see courses taken in the past by Carleton students who’ve studied at your host institution.
    • Note: When the question pops up ‘Is the course you are about to enter a business course?’ please indicate ‘Yes’ only if it’s a business course.
  2. Check the Carleton Central site regularly to see which courses have been deemed ‘acceptable’ for you.
  3. Register into courses at the host institution, using the host institution’s process, instructions, deadlines.
  4. Go back on Carleton Central, and confirm which courses you’re actually registered into (Checkmark the ‘Confirm Registration’ boxes).
  5. Submit the Exchange Course Approval Form, showing all the courses you’re taking (even if the courses haven’t been assessed yet – Step 2). This form is used to actually ‘load’ the Exchange courses (CEX = ‘Current on Exchange’) onto your Audit. If you have questions about the Approval Form (Step 5) please email

Transcripts from Abroad

Before you leave to return home, please ensure that the host institution will be sending your transcript directly to Carleton.  You are strongly advised to also make arrangements to have an original transcript sent to you at your home address in Canada as well.  This transcript will be important should you apply for graduate school in the future.

After your transcripts have been received by Carleton, your approved, successfully-completed courses will then be transferred by the Registrar’s Office as EXC (Exchange) credits. Failed courses will be transferred as UNS.

If there are discrepancies between the Transcript and the Exchange Course Approval Form, the Transcript will be the official source for credit transfer.

Transcripts from Host Institution to be sent to:

Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

Tel: +1 (613) 520-2519

Attn: Exchange Program Coordinator
International Student Services Office
128 University Centre