Get real-world experience while completing your degree through co-operative education (co-op). Co-op is available in all Bachelor of Commerce concentrations.

How do I enroll in co-op?

For any Sprott undergraduate student that was:

  • Not admitted directly into co-op from high school or;
  • Never participated in Carleton University’s co-op program.

Visit the Carleton Co-op for information on how and when to apply for the co-op program.

Already admitted to Carleton with the co-op option?

For students already admitted to the Bachelor of Commerce with the co-op option, you do not need to apply. Your grades will be automatically reviewed at the end of first year to determine eligibility.

Eligibility requirements for Co-op Admission and Continuation Requirements for BCom students:

  • Maintain full-time status in each study term (2.0 credits);
  • Be eligible to work in Canada (for off-campus work placements)
  • Have successfully completed COOP 1000. (You will be emailed when it’s time for you to register for COOP 1000.)

In addition to the following:

  1. Have a major CGPA of 8.00 or higher and an overall CGPA of 6.50 or higher;
  2. Successfully completed 6.0 credits in the major and have at least 6.0 credits remaining for completion of the BCom. program (in addition to 2.0 Work Term Report credits);
  3. Registered as a full-time student in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

For more information on requirements, please visit the Carleton Undergraduate Calendar

Work-study patterns:

There are three different work-study patterns for the BCom program. You can find more information on the Co-op website.

Please also note:

  1. There is a new Entrepreneurship concentration with a co-op option (now the 4th work-study pattern);
  2. The Accounting pattern on the undergrad calendar is incorrect! Winter of 3rd year should be a work term, not a study term.

Contact information

For questions about admission and eligibility, contact the Carleton Co-op  Career Services office at:

Co-op and Career Services
1400 CTTC Bldg

The Carleton Co-op office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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