Graduate Student Forms

Change of Status:
Students who have valid reasons for changing status from full-time to part-time prior to registration for a term may apply for permission accompanied by a statement from the PhD Director (and the thesis supervisor, if there is one) in support of their request. It is understood that such a status change will be granted only in exceptional cases (e.g., for medical or other special reasons.)
FGPA requires a statement as to why the extension is required; and a specific timeline/schedule indicating how you intend to complete your program requirements within the extended term.
Leave of Absence (LOA):
For an administration charge, students with exceptional circumstances may apply for an exemption from registration for 1 term. The program completion time limit with be extended by the duration of the leave taken. Students on leave do not pay fees; as a result, they cannot access university services or awards.If you are a Teaching Assistant, you must also complete a TA Leave from Duties form in Carleton Central.

Audit a Course

It is possible to audit a course with approval from the Professor and the PhD Director. Students may audit up to 1.0 credit during their program.Complete the form and obtain all signatures before submitting to FGPA

Directed Study: Supervisor Agreement Form

Must be submitted and approved prior to work on project commencing.

Comprehensives Approval and Procedures

Refer to this document prior to starting your Comprehensives.

Last revised: November 2020

Proposal Defence Approval and Procedures

Thesis Defence Approval and Procedures

Refer to these documents prior to submitting your proposal and/or final thesis.

Travel/Research Bursary

Application for travel funds from FGPA for conference-related travel is now done online. To apply, go to Carleton Central, look under Awards and Financial Assistance and then click on Graduate Online Application Forms. Applications must be submitted at least one month prior to travel.

Research Seminar Participation Form

Bring to each research seminar that you attend and have a faculty member sign off. Once you have attended all 15 seminars, please submit the completed form to the PhD Administrator.