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First Six Weeks (W1)

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5012D Performance Measurement and Control Hilary Becker
ACCT 5013A Financial Reporting and Control in Public Organization Raili Pollanen
FINA 5502A/D Corporate Finance Vijay Jog
IBUS 5714D Buyer Behavior in International Markets Jose Rojas-Mendez
MGMT 5116D Managing Performance Rumaisa Shaukat
MGMT 5117A Knowledge Management Aareni Uruthirapathy
TOMS 5302A/D Operations Management Vinod Kumar
TOMS 5303D Managing Projects Abdel Hamou-Lhadj
TOMS 5314A Supply Chain Management Saroj Koul

Second Six Weeks (W2)

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5011D Financial Statement Analysis John Jarecsni
ACCT 5014D Financial Corp. Governance & Accountability Bailey Church
FINA 5512A Valuation Isaac Otchere
IBUS 5711A International Marketing & Trade Jim Neubauer
IBUS 5712A Business & Government in Emerging Economies Aareni Uruthirapathy
IBUS 5715A Foreign Markets Selection, Assessment & Entry Strategies David Peippo
ITIS 5401A/D Fundamentals of Service Management Gerald Grant
ITIS 5403A ICT for Development Gerald Grant
ITIS 5431A Business Analytics for Managers Alex Ramirez
MGMT 5111D Conflict and Negotiation Lorraine Dyke
MGMT 5113A Managing Teams Maria Rasouli
TOMS 5305A Int’l Development Projects Preparation & Formulation Nipa Banerjee

Twelve Week (W1/W2)

Course Title Instructor
MKTG 5200A/D Marketing Strategy Robin Ritchie
STGY 5900D Corporate & Business Strategy Sujit Sur