First Six Weeks (F1)

Course Title Instructor 
ACCT 5001A/D Financial Accounting Lucille Perreault
BUSI 5106D Business Case Analysis and Presentations Julie Caldwell
BUSI 5108D Sustainable Business Development Tracy Ufoegbune
BUSI 5801A/B/D Statistics for Managers Ernest Kwan
BUSI 5802A Business Ethics Sefa Hayibor
FINA 5511A Investments Yuriy Zabolotnyuk
FINA 5513A Mergers and Acquisitions Isaac Otchere
IBUS 5701A International Business Daniel Gulanowski
IBUS 5701D International Business Daniel Gulanowski
IBUS 5713A Doing Business in the United States Jim Neubauer
IBUS 5716A Management of International Business Rumaisa Shaukat
IDMG 5610D Introduction to International Development Nipa Banerjee
MGMT 5112D Power and Influence Richard Clayman

Second Six Weeks (F2)

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5002A/D Managerial Accounting Hilary Becker
FINA 5501A/D Financial Management Isaac Otchere
FINA 5514D International Finance Graham Edwards
FINA 5521A Financial Management Concentration Integration Jorge Cruz Lopez
IBUS 5721A Regional & Global Business Strategies Concentration Integration Amy Karam
ITIS 5414D Emerging Information Technologies and Business Innovation Alex Ramirez
ITIS 5432A Business Analytics Methods Hugh Cairns
MGMT 5114A Managing Diversity Rumaisa Shaukat
MGMT 5115D Leadership Richard Clayman
TOMS 5303A Managing Projects Aaron Nsakanda

Twelve Weeks of Fall (F1/F2)

Course Title Instructor
FINA 5515D Micro Finance William Clements
ITIS 5408A Social Analytics Mike Hine
MGMT 5100A/D Managing People and Organizations Linda Duxbury
MGMT 5120D Fundamentals of Leading and Managing Organizational Change Linda Duxbury
MGMT 5129A Managing the Arts Julian Armour
STGY 5900A Corporate and Business Strategy David Cray
STGY 5900D Corporate and Business Strategy David Cray
STGY 5903A Strategic Concepts Frank Jiang
STGY 5903D Strategic Concepts Frank Jiang