First Six Weeks (F1)

Course  Title  Instructor 
ACCT 5001 A/D Financial Accounting Sakka, Ouafa
BUSI 5106 D Busi. Case Analysis & Present. Caldwell, Julie
BUSI 5108 D Sustainable Business Development Sur, Sujit
BUSI 5801 A/D Statistics for Managers Kwan, Ernest
BUSI 5802 A/B Business Ethics Hayibor, Sefa
 FINA 5511 D Investments Oldford, Erin
FINA 5513 D Mergers and Acquisitions Jog, Vijay
IBUS5701A International Business Isabelle, Diane
IBUS 5701 D International Business Isabelle, Diane
IBUS 5713D Doing Business in the U.S. Neubauer, James
IBUS 5716 D Mgmt. of Int’l Business Nardon, Luciara
IDMG 5610 D Intro to International Development Banerjee, Nipa
MGMT 5112 A Power & Influence Clayman, Richard

Second Six Weeks (F2)

Course  Title  Instructor 
ACCT 5002 A/D Managerial Accounting Jarecsni/Pangarkar
BUSI 5803 A/B Managerial Economics
BUSI 5906 D Innovating for the Green Econo Sur, Sujit
 FINA 5501 A/D Financial Management  Otchere, Isaac
FINA 5514 D International Finance Oldford, Erin
FINA 5521 A Financial Mgmt Concentration Integration Cruz Lopez, Jorge
IBUS 5721 D Regional & Global Business Strategies Concentration Innovation Olayele, Fred
ITIS 5414 D Emerging Information Technologies & Business Innovation
ITIS 5432 A Business Analytics Methods
MGMT 5114 D Managing Diversity Dyke, Lorraine
MGMT 5115 A Leadership Clayman, Richard
TOMS 5301 A/D Modeling Business Decisions Kumar, Uma
TOMS 5303 A Managing Projects Nsakanda, Aaron

Twelve Weeks of Fall (F1/F2)

Course  Title  Instructor 
BUSI 5802 N Business Ethics Clayman, Richard
FINA 5515 D Micro Finance Clements, William
MGMT 5100 A/D Managing People & Organizations Duxbury, Linda
MGMT 5120 A Fundamentals of Leading & Managing Organizational Change Duxbury, Linda
STGY 5900 A/B  Corporate & Business Strategy Ierfino-Blachford, Laura