Academic planning is an integral component to ensuring your academic success. We have provided you with course maps to make registration easier for you. We strongly encourage you to contact the MBA Administrator to look at your academic plan before making any changes.

The MBA Administrator can assist you with:

  • Course planning. It is important to follow the course map provided to you for your specific MBA program and admit term. Changing your course map may delay your graduation. Please contact the MBA Administrator with any queries about changing your course map as it may be possible to accommodate your request.
  • Advice about adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course
  • Advice about adding, dropping or changing your Concentration
  • Questions about academic performance and progress
  • Submitting a Medical Certificate
  • Changing your student status (full-time or part-time study, leave of absence), please refer to Section 7.10 of the Graduate Calendar and fill out and submit the Request for Academic Change form to the MBA Administrator.
  • Other resources to support you in your program

MBA Administrator

Patti Davis
820 Dunton Tower