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Summer 2017

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5133 Advanced Integration I Pangarkar,Ajay
ACCT 5135 Advanced Integration II Herauf,Darrell

Winter 2017

Course Title Instructor 
ACCT 5125 D Advanced Assurance Bujaki, Merridee
ACCT 5137A Professional Acct Cases II Maurice, Jacques

Fall 2016

Course Title Instructor 
ACCT 5127 A Management Consulting Pangarkar, Ajay
ACCT 5131 R Performance Management Becker, Hilary

Summer 2016

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5130B Advanced Finance Isaac Otchere
ACCT 5123B Advanced Taxation Francois Brouard

Winter 2016

Course Title Instructor
ACCT 5121D Advanced Concepts II Raili Pollanen
ACCT 5129W Professional Accounting Cases I Emily Gray

Fall 2015

Course  Title Instructor 
ACCT 5120D Advanced Concepts 1 Francois Brouard, Merridee Bujaki, Jacques Maurice
ACCT 5125R Advanced Assurance Merridee Bujaki
BUSI 5906B Special Topics in Taxation Francois Brouard
BUSI 5906C Special Topics in Advanced Management Accounting Raili Pollanen