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Share Your Vision for the Future

Add your voice to the Shifting Landscapes digital forum by submitting a video of your own. Your video should address the following questions in a 3-5 minute video.

  • What do you expect the post-COVID future to be like?
  • What COVID traditions have you adopted that you would like to keep?
  • What is unlikely to happen, but of those unlikely things, what could go well?

Please refer to the instructions below for making and submitting your video.

Making Your Video

Setting Up

  • Find an appropriate location in your home in a well-lit space that is free of clutter. Make sure your location is quiet and free of background noise.
  • Avoid sitting in front of a window as you will appear darkened and in shadow.
  • Shifting Landscapes is a forum of diverse, individual voices. As these videos are intended to reflect your personal perspective based on your expertise and sector, please do not include corporate signage in your video background.
  • We recommend recording your video using Zoom on your computer or your phone/device.
  • If using your phone/device, turn it on its side so you are shooting in landscape. Do not record in portrait.

Recording Video on Zoom

  • Log into Zoom on your computer. (Create a free account if you do not already have an account.)
  • Start a meeting. Invite no one to the meeting.
  • Hit “Record” and select “Record on my computer”.
  • When you stop the recording, the video will take a moment to process and will open the file with the video in it.
  • Record a test video before you begin. Adjust if needed and then record your video.
  • To access your video, go into:
    • My Meetings” , then “Meetings”, the  “Recorded Meetings”
    • Click on the correct file and it will take you to the file on your computer where the video sits.

Recording Video on a Phone/Device

  • Set up your smart phone or device in landscape (horizontal) – do not use portrait. If you don’t have a tripod or stand, prop your device up on a flat surface so that it is freestanding.
  • Open the camera and select the video setting. Make sure the camera lens isn’t covered.
  • Record a test video before you begin. Adjust if needed and then record your video.

Submitting Your Video

  • Find your video file (usually in your camera roll on your phone/device or in your videos folder on your laptop.) Accepted file types are .mp4 or .mov.
  • Send your video using WeTransfer. Open in your web browser. Email your video file to <ahref=””>
  • If you encounter any issues with sending your file, please email