A number of courses at Sprott School of Business and Carleton University are associated with SCSE/CSES members and various streams of research.

Un certain nombre de cours offert à la Sprott School of Business, Carleton University sont associés aux membres du SCSE/CSES et à divers axes de recherche.

Sprott BCom Program

  • BUSI 3119 Business and Environmental Sustainability (R. McKay)
  • BUSI 4203 Marketing in Not-for-Profit Organization (L. Neilson)
  • BUSI 4515 Introduction to Micro Finance (S. Moshni)
  • BUSI 4901 Managing the Arts

Sprott Minor in Arts management

A Minor in Arts management is in development (subject of final approval).

Sprott MBA – Master in Business Administration Program

  • FINA 5515 Introduction to Micro Finance (S. Moshni)
  • MBA Concentration in International Development Management

Carleton SPPA – MPNL – Master / Diploma in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Program

The MPNL program is offered by the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA).

  • PANL 5003 Finance for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector (N. Grasse)
  • PANL 5006 Responsible & Impact Investing (T. Hebb)
  • PANL 5305 Globalization of Philanthropy (P. Raggo)
  • PANL 5702 Social entrepreneurship (O. Ramroop)