The program requirements for the MSc in Management consist of 5.0 credits.
Note: A complete listing of Business (BUSI) courses and descriptions can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

1.5 credits in Research Methods & Foundations courses

Course Code Course Title  Credit
BUSI 5980 Foundations of Management Theory and Research 0.5
BUSI 5981 Statistics for Business Research 0.5
BUSI 5982 Research Methodology in Business* 0.5

0.5 credits in Research Design

Course Code Course Title  Credit
BUSI 5983 Qualitative Research Design* 0.5
BUSI 5984 Quantitative Research Design*  0.5

1.0 credit in Restricted Electives

Course Code Course Title  Credit
BUSI 5080 Seminar in Accounting I* 0.5
BUSI 5081 Seminar in Accounting II* 0.5
BUSI 5180 Seminar in Management I: Modern Organization Theory* 0.5
BUSI 5181 Seminar in Management II: Current Topics in Organizational* Behaviour 0.5
BUSI 5280 Seminar in Marketing I: Management and Strategy* 0.5
BUSI 5281 Seminar in Marketing II: Consumer Behaviour* 0.5
BUSI 5380 Seminar in Management of Production/Operations I: Strategic Management of Production Systems* 0.5
BUSI 5381 Seminar in Management of Production/Operations II: Production/Technology/Strategy Interface* 0.5
BUSI 5383 Systems Optimization: Methods and Models* 0.5
BUSI 5480 Seminar in Information Systems I: Research Issues* 0.5
BUSI 5481 Seminar in Information Systems II: Current Trends* 0.5
BUSI 5580 Seminar in Finance I: Topical Issues in Investments* 0.5
BUSI 5581 Seminar in Finance II: Theories and Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance* 0.5
BUSI 5780 Seminar in International Business I: International Markets and Strategy* 0.5
BUSI 5781 Seminar in International Business II: Managing in a Global Environment* 0.5

or elective courses taken with the permission of the Director of the Graduate Research Program

Completion of Thesis Proposal

Each student will have a supervisor who will serve as a mentor and guide for their thesis proposal. The supervisor will work with the student to establish a thesis committee. The thesis proposal is submitted before the student starts working on the thesis and needs to be approved by the thesis committee. The student will submit a written proposal including the rationale and outline of the topic to be covered in the thesis with indication of the scope of the literature to be reviewed. The proposal should include a background rationale, research questions, proposed methodology and data analysis plan.

The details of the thesis proposal can be found in the MSc Thesis Proposal Guideline.


Successful completion of a thesis which must be defended at an oral exam. The details of the thesis can be found in the MSc Thesis Guideline.

Course Code Course Title  Credit
BUSI 5989 M.Sc. Thesis  2.0

*Taught jointly with the 6000 level offering of this course (unless enrollment numbers warrant otherwise).  Focus area courses are typically offered in alternate years. However, in consultation with their supervisor and with permission of the Director of Graduate Research Programs, students can take another course or directed study specific to their area of research as a substitute.