Programs/MBA/MBA Projects for Organizations

Put a team of students to work on your challenges!

Sprott MBA Projects offer organizations a unique opportunity to benefit from—and contribute to—the analytical and creative talents of Sprott MBA students.  Businesses, government departments, and not-for-profit agencies are all welcome to participate as clients.

In a variety of courses, students form teams, and work with a client organization to identify a real-world problem or opportunity. Under the guidance of highly qualified faculty, students prepare a report and/or presentation of their findings for the client organization. 

There is no cost to the client organization. The only commitment required of client organizations is a willingness to share sufficient information for successful project specification.  All proprietary information remains confidential.

Benefits to client organizations include:

  • A systematic, independent analysis of your organization or department/agency – free of charge.
  • Creative insights into business problems, informed by research using world-class databases.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the development of future business leaders.
  • Potential identification of new talent that may be of interest to your organization. The Sprott MBA is among the top 10 MBA programs in Canada in Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores – an independent assessment of ability.  Further, the program attracts students with undergraduate degrees in a wide range of fields, providing a diverse pool of talent.

Sprott MBA Projects are currently available in our Strategy and Marketing courses.  Please see below for more details and contact information regarding these opportunities.

If you are interested in engaging our students in another content area, please contact:

Shaobo Ji
Associate Dean, Professional Graduate Programs
613-520-2600 x 5751

  • Corporate Strategy (STGY 5900) teaches students the frameworks and skills to conduct a comprehensive strategic assessment of the organization and its external environment.  Depending on the availability of information, the project typically begins with an analysis of your supply chain, finances, operations, marketing, and human resources.  It also involves an assessment of your industry or sector’s general environment, including customer/client/stakeholder needs, competition, and technological developments that determine what makes your organization successful and what challenges you are likely to encounter.  The deliverable is a detailed analysis of your organization’s environment and general strategic alternatives. STGY 5900 takes place September through December and again January through April.
    For more information, or to express interest in participating as a client, please contact Dr. Laura Ierfino-Blachford at
  • Marketing Strategy (MKTG 5200) provides a broad perspective on the role and value of marketing within the organization.  Using a blend of theory-based lectures and case study discussions, students learn how to understand customers, assess competitors, and make sense of complex marketplace trends.  They also gain experience identifying and prioritizing customer segments, differentiating and positioning the offering, and translating these strategic decisions into actionable marketing plans.  The deliverable is a 5,000 word report for the client, summarizing the situation, identifying alternatives, and proposing a specific course of action.  Past projects have included market expansion strategies, public health / public awareness campaigns for government agencies, fundraising plans, organizational rebranding/repositioning efforts, new product launch plans, and go-to-market strategies for start-up ventures. MKTG 5200 takes place January through April.
    For more information, or to express interest in participating as a client, please contact Dr. Robin Ritchie at or 613-520-2600 ext. 2420.