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MA-MBA Economics and Finance

Starting Fall 2016, this dual-degree pathway allows students to gain a MA in Economics, with a concentration in Financial Economics, and an MBA, with a concentration in Finance and Economics, in 20 months.

A strong foundation in economic principles, focusing on understanding how to appropriately use and allocate scarce resources, combined with a firm understanding of financial markets and risk will equip students with the ability to make sound financial decisions affecting firm performance.

Anchored in the core strengths of Carleton’s Department of Economics and the Sprott School of Business, this dual degree program combines the strong theoretical and quantitative orientation of the MA in Economics with the MBA’s focus on managerial decisions and management skills.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MA-MBA dual degree pathway need to qualify for admission in both the MBA and MA Economics programs.


For course descriptions, please refer to Carleton’s Graduate Calendar
NOTE: The Web edition of the Carleton University Graduate Calendar is the University’s official statement. Not all courses listed are offered in a given year. For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult the class schedule at central.carleton.ca

Compulsory core courses (5.75 credits)

Course code Course title Credit
ACCT 5001 Financial Accounting 0.25
ACCT 5002 Managerial Accounting 0.25
BUSI 5802 Business Ethics 0.25
BUSI 5998 MBA Skills Workshop 0.0
ECON 5020 Microeconomic Theory 0.5
ECON 5021 Macroeconomics 0.5
ECON 5027 Econometrics 1 0.5
ECON 5029 Methods of Economic Research 0.5
FINA 5501 Financial Management 0.25
FINA 5502 Corporate Finance 0.25
IBUS 5701 International Business 0.25
IT IS 5401 Fundamentals of IT Service Management 0.25
MGMT 5100 Managing People and Organizations 0.5
MKTG 5200 Marketing Strategy 0.5
TOMS 5301 Modeling Business Decisions 0.25
TOMS 5302 Operations Management 0.25
STGY 5900 Corporate and Business Strategy 0.5

Concentration courses (1.75 credits)

Course code Course title Credit
ECON 5051 Asset Pricing 0.5
ECON 5052 Financial Markets and Instruments 0.5
FINA 5512 Valuation 0.25
FINA 5513 Mergers and Acquisitions 0.25
FINA 5521 Financial Management Integration 0.25

Elective course (0.5 credits)

Select 0.5 credit elective concentration course from:

Course code Course title Credit
ECON 5055 Financial Econometrics 0.5
ECON 5058 Advanced Topics in Financial Economics 0.5
ECON 5602 International Monetary Theory and Policy 0.5
ECON 5608 Monetary Economics and Financial Intermediation 0.5

MBA elective courses (1.0 credit)

Select 1.0 credit from concentration courses within the other MBA concentrations, and/or the following list of MBA elective courses:

Course code Course title Credit
BUSI 5106 Business Case Analysis and Presentations 0.25
BUSI 5108 Sustainable Business Development 0.25
BUSI 5905 Special Topics 0.50
BUSI 5906 Special Topics 0.25
FINA 5515 Micro Finance 0.50
ITIS 5403 ICT for Development 0.25
TOMS 5303 Managing Projects 0.25

MBA Internship (1.0 credits)

Students who have less than two years of relevant professional employment experience must successfully complete the MBA Internship Program as a graduation requirement.

Course code Course title Credit
BUSI 5999 Internship 1.0