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If you have completed your studies outside of Canada, please review the additional application requirements for International Students.

Details about how to apply are available at

If you have not completed the prerequisite courses for the Master of Accounting, you may do so through our Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting. Through this program, you can gain the prerequisite core courses to be eligible to apply to the Sprott Master of Accounting (MAcc) program or enter the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). Both pathways lead to the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Please note that completing the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting does not guarantee admission to the MAcc as space is limited and admission is highly competitive.

Application Deadlines

Summer 2021 Admission – Full-time Stream Only

MAcc courses will be delivered virtually, with live online lectures, in the Summer 2021 term

  • Complete applications received by January 31st will be assessed by mid-February. Applications can be submitted until to March 31st, however they will only be assessed if space remains in the program. Please contact to confirm availability.
    Only full-time applications are accepted for the Summer term.

Fall 2021 Admission – Part-time Stream Only

  • Complete applications received by May 31st will be assessed by mid-June. Applications can be submitted until August 15th, however they will only be assessed if space remains in the program. Please contact to confirm availability.
    Only part-time applications are accepted for the Fall term.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to:

  • hold an Honours Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with a minimum overall average of B- (70%)
  • demonstrate coverage of the CPA Competency Map at the ‘Entry’ level
  • have a minimum grade of C- (60%) in each of the core prerequisite courses (courses that meet the entry-level requirements of the CPA Competency Map) with a minimum overall average of B+ (77%) in the prerequisite courses

International Applicants Information

MACC Program Requirements

Please Note:  Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee admission as space is limited and admission to the Sprott MAcc program is highly competitive.

Students must have access to windows-based PC as Surpass (SecureClient) will not run on a Mac, even if it runs windows.

Required Documents

Applicants must provide the following documents:

Please Note: Official documents (transcripts, test scores) will be required if you are accepted into our program.

Language Requirements

For admission into Carleton’s graduate programs, you will need to demonstrate that your knowledge and use of English are strong enough for graduate studies at an English-language university. Visit our International Students website for our English-language requirements.

Prerequisite Courses or Equivalent

The prerequisite courses required for entry into the MAcc are the same prerequisite courses required by CPA Ontario for entry into their Professional Education program. Please refer to the MAcc Prerequisite form for your undergraduate program to identify equivalencies.

Currency of Education

Candidates should have completed at least one applicable prerequisite course in each of the CPA competency areas of Financial Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Finance and Taxation within 10 years of their MAcc commencement date.

Student Status

Students admitted to the part-time MAcc program will not be permitted to transfer to the full-time program at any point. Students admitted to the full-time program will be permitted to change their status to part-time but then must complete the remainder of the program as a part-time student.

Academic standing regulations must be met in order to remain in the MAcc program. These regulations are outlined in the Carleton University Graduate Calendar.

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting

Sprott offers a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting, which is open to graduates of a Bachelor’s degree program in any discipline. This program provides you with the prerequisite core courses to be eligible to apply to the Sprott Master of Accounting (MAcc) program. This program is offered online and always has space available in it’s online course offerings.

If you have completed some but not all of the prerequisite courses for the MAcc and wish to complete one or more of these courses at Carleton, you may also do so as a Special Student. 

You will need to apply as a Special Student. Upon acceptance, you will receive a student number and Carleton email account, which are needed to access the Carleton Central registration system. Find more information about becoming a special student on the Carleton Registrar website.

As long as the prerequisite course equivalents from previous university studies have been taken, then you can be approved to take these BUSI courses. Prerequisite courses for all BUSI courses can be found in the undergraduate calendar.

Students will then need to submit the Request for Waiver of Pre-Requisite form for each individual course.

Please note that even if waivers are approved, access to register in the course will be subject to availability. Special students register later than degree seeking students, therefore there is no guarantee of access to these courses in a given term due to enrolment limits.

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