International Applicants

Undergraduate Studies completed outside of Canada

International students who have completed their undergraduate studies outside of Canada will be required to have their transcripts assessed by CPA Ontario. Please refer to the CPA Ontario website for information on how to submit a transcript assessment request to CPA Ontario.

The results of the transcript assessment will indicate the prerequisite modules that you have been exempt from based on your prior education and the prerequisite modules which you must complete in order to meet the entrance requirements for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). To the extent that you need to complete prerequisite modules, these modules must be completed either through the CPA Ontario preparatory courses, a Canadian post-secondary institution, or a combination of both.

Once you have received the results of your transcript assessment from CPA Ontario, if you decide to register for a CPA preparatory module, you must first register as a CPA Ontario student. It should be noted that the CPA preparatory courses have not been assessed by the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario and, therefore, any individual enrolling in CPA preparatory courses is not eligible for a public accounting license at this time.

Please note that meeting the above requirements does not guarantee admission as space is limited and admission to the Sprott MAcc program is highly competitive.

Should you be accepted into the Sprott MAcc based on your CPA Ontario transcript assessment and any subsequently completed courses, please ensure that you contact the MAcc Administrator in order to facilitate your student registration with CPA Ontario. Your registration status with CPA Ontario will need to be adjusted to reflect that you are now a CPA Accredited Student.

Undergraduate Studies completed at a Canadian Post-Secondary Institution

If you have completed the majority of the CPA prerequisite courses at a Canadian post-secondary institution, then you do not have your transcript assessed by CPA Ontario. You apply to the MAcc program directly. Application details can be found above.

Language Requirements

For admission into Carleton’s graduate programs, you will need to demonstrate that your knowledge and use of English are strong enough for graduate studies at an English-language university. Visit our International Graduate Students website for our English-language requirements.

International Students can also visit the International Students Services Office for more information.