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Su Chang

Shanghai, China



Su Chang is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the Mandarin language stream. Su is studying at Shanghai International Studies University in Shanghai, China. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Tell us about yourself!
Hello to all! My name is Su and I am currently a third year International Business student studying in Shanghai, China! I’m super excited to be in Shanghai and to be able to share my experiences with everyone! Shanghai has a huge population of foreigner/expats and I’ve had the great opportunity to make many great friends from all over the world! I love meeting people and learning about their lives and what better opportunity than to be studying at an international language school in Shanghai! I also love eating and traveling! If I could I would travel to a new country every second weekend (gotta be reasonable) to taste the delicious food that the country has to offer! Currently, my goal for my year abroad is to get better at Mandarin and to travel a lot within China and Asia!

How did you choose your language of study?
I chose Mandarin as my language because it seemed pretty cool to be able to communicate with over 1.3 billion people in the world today. Also, being a business student, it’s hard to overlook the potential that China’s economy currently has (ranked the second largest economy in the world is quite attractive too!).

Have you travelled before?
I’ve been to South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Costa Rica.

What three things must you pack?
1) My passport; is this too obvious? 2) A fanny pack; you never know when you’ll need one! 3) A wall adapter; I forgot to pack this and struggled to find one in China.

What are you most looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to being in China and trying all the food that China has to offer! Also, I want to be able to travel to see how the lifestyles change within China!

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