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Shibu Pal

Associate Professor, Management
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 2390
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 1011
    Degrees: BEng (University of Burdwan), MS (Wayne State University), M.A.Sc (University of Waterloo), PhD Management Sciences (University of Waterloo)


    Dr. Siva (Shibu) Pal started his career as a metallurgical engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from India (Univ. of Burdwan) and a Master’s degree from Wayne State University in USA. He worked in several positions that led to the position of Plant Manager of a mid-size manufacturing company in Kitchener, Ontario. Eager to understand and know more about management practices, he started a Master’s degree in Management Sciences at University of Waterloo and ended up with a Ph.D. there.

    His research has been evolving around application of organization theories to understand various issues that concern managers. Starting with addressing introduction of robotics in manufacturing to work flow and flexibility in manufacturing he recently delved into possibilities of improved organizational processes within the informal economies in Africa. Lately, his interest in history of the world is driving him understand, within the Institutional Theory framework, how business models are affected by disruptive technological and cultural shifts in the economies.