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Nikita Zurowski

Lima, Peru


Nikita is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the Spanish language stream. She is studying at Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, Peru. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your goals and interests:

I grew up in a multicultural home in one of Canada’s most diverse communities with a father who travelled all over the world for his work. Because of this, I’ve always had a strong desire to make travel part of my future career. I love learning about new cultures and trying new food. In my spare time, I love going to local music shows and cooking.

During this exchange, my biggest goals are becoming fluent in Spanish, making international connections and travelling to as many places as I can. I am beyond excited to head to Lima and can’t wait to share my experience with fellow Sprott students!

Why did you choose your language?

I chose Spanish because I would love to live and work in Latin America. There’s no better way to experience new countries than when you can speak the language and I want to explore all the diverse cultures and geographies that Latin America has to offer. Spanish is also one of the most spoken languages in the world so it is a great asset to have in the workplace.

Have you ever travelled overseas before? If so, where? 

I’ve travelled across North America and seen parts of Latin America, Europe and Africa. A couple highlights for me have been Iceland and Morocco. From black sand beaches to volcanoes hidden under glaciers, Iceland has so much beautiful scenery to offer. The history of this little island is also fascinating! Morocco was really unique because it was my first time in Africa. Wandering through streets that narrow and markets that busy was a completely new experience for me.

What 3 things MUST you take with you while abroad? 

While abroad, I would have to take my camera, journal and photos of home.

I want to be able to record as much as I can of my exchange and travels using both my journal and camera. Photography and writing are two amazing and different ways to capture an experience – and I want to take advantage of both!

I know that going abroad for 11 months is going to bring a lot of challenges and homesickness so I will have to bring a couple photos of my family and friends to remind me of home.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to becoming fluent in Spanish. It is a beautiful language and I am excited for all the doors knowing another language will open.

Oh, and I also can’t wait to visit a jungle for the first time!

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