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Liam Hoselton

Freiburg, Germany



Liam is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the German language stream. He is studying at University of Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your goals and interests:

Hi! My name is Liam! I’m a third year BIB student and I will be attending Freiburg University in Germany! Before attending carleton I went to Algonquin College, where I graduated from their Music Industry Arts program. The program is designed to teach you about every aspect of working within the music industry, with a unique focus on recording engineering. My life, my passion, and my dream, all revolves around working within the music industry, whether it be as a musician, (I play in an Ottawa band called XiL and have a small solo project called Common Casualty in the works,) or for a record label. I love music, art and creativity. My hobbies deal primarily with those three aspects of my life. I love playing guitar and singing, writing, reading, painting, philosophy, and quite simply; life.

Personally, I do not have any set goals for while I’m abroad, other than to remain open to the experience that lies before me. I don’t want to go abroad with preconceived notions about what will happen whilst I’m there. As those types of fallacies typically lead to disappointment and a closed mind. I want to meet people, be open to trying new things, be open to going on adventures, and most of all; saying yes to whatever comes my way!

Why did you choose your language?

Other than it just being a really cool language, there are a few reasons why I chose to learn German. The main reason being Germany has one of the largest music industries in all of Europe, second only to the UK. So it is valuable for me to go and network with people working within the German and European music industry. Furthermore, Germany is centrally located in Europe, especially the region I am living in. From Freiburg I can be in about six different countries in less than an hour by train, which gives me access to a plethora of possibilities that simply cannot be had anywhere else! My final reason is that, I am an EU citizen (I’m a dual citizen between Canada and Slovakia). This makes living and working within any EU country incredibly easy for me. Therefore Germany is just really, really convenient!

Have you ever travelled overseas before? If so, where? 

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a number of different countries and continents. I find that every travel experience that I’ve had has always been eye opening and has expanded my world view. Here is a quick list of the countries that I have visited, (I’ll probably forget a few). I have been to Slovakia, the US, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, the UK, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and China. If I had to recommend one country that everyone should go to, it would be China. The culture, the people and their history, is simply a thing to behold. I have never experienced anything like it, and I cannot wait to return someday!

What 3 things MUST you take with you while abroad? 

Other than the essentials (this includes a guitar for me), I feel like it’s important to bring an open mind, sense of adventure and the ability to say “yes,” to opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to?

Anything and everything! I am just excited to be challenging myself in a way that I’ve never really done before! I am excited to meet new people, see new things, and grow as a person! The ability to have a blank state and start from scratch is refreshing. I can’t wait to see what opportunities and experiences Germany will hold! I’m really happy that I’ve been given a chance to do this in the first place! Simply put, the excitement is overwhelming, and I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!!!

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