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Justin Barrette

Global Affairs Canada

Degrees:Bachelor of Social Sciences (University of Ottawa)


Current Job Title: Visits Coordinator, Global Affairs Canada

Hometown: Staples, ON

Years of Work Experience: 6

I moved to Ottawa to immerse myself in politics, a passion of mine from a young age. After completing my undergrad I worked in the historic office of the Usher of the Black Rod, in the Senate of Canada. I continued my career path in the public service when I joined Global Affairs Canada. I have spent my career honing my skills in international diplomacy with the organization of major visits of political figures. Many of my assignments have brought me to various places around Canada and the world.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

The Sprott PMBA offered the most flexible schedule so that I can continue to work full-time. Sprott’s commitment to the community is noteworthy and I found it inspiring that their focus is to prepare business graduates to be more sustainably minded and foster social innovation in their future endeavours.

Fun fact:

I have travelled to over 30 different countries and have visited all but two provinces and two territories.