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Jessica Rutley is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the German language stream. Jessica is studying at University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Tell us about yourself!
I am from Berwick, a small town in rural Ontario with a population of about 150 people. I have been a lifeguard at a local pool for the last three summers and I love the outdoors and to explore as much as possible. I love to be active and some of my favourite ways of doing so is by swimming and playing ball hockey and ice hockey. I can’t wait to see how a small town girl will live in Vienna (a city with a population of 1.74 million) for a year! I better learn how to ask for directions. I love to travel and as of now,I have had the opportunity to study Chinese (Mandarin) in China for two weeks, Dutch in the Netherlands while on a one semester exchange in high school, and French all throughout middle and high school.

How did you choose your language of study?
I chose German as my language because during my time on exchange in the Netherlands, I realized that German is one of the most commonly spoken languages across Europe. I hope to complete a Graduate degree in Europe and eventually live there long-term; by choosing to study a commonly spoken language it has opened many doors for further education within Europe.

Have you travelled before?
I have been lucky enough to have traveled overseas before. In total, I have been to 19 different countries and, if interested, feel free to have a look at my travel map, I update it as soon as I’ve been to a new country. . I’ve traveled to 4 continents and I hope to one day make it to all 7. Here’s a list of the countries I have traveled to: USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary

What three things must you pack?
The 3 things that I MUST take with me while abroad would be my traveling backpack, my camera, and my “Travelers Guide to the Planet” book. I love to go on weekend trips both within the country and neighbouring countries, so I need to make sure my backpack is with me to be able to fit everything I’ll need. The next thing would be my camera to document everything I do and see so that I can show everyone afterwards. Lastly, my book on the world is essential; I love to learn a little bit about the country I’ll be visiting before I go and to learn about the recommended places to visit.

What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to meeting new people and seeing everything that Austria has to offer. I want to go snowboarding in the Alps, paragliding over Austria, and find all the hidden gems of Vienna. I can’t wait for my exchange to begin!

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