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Ceiledh Monk

Ausburg, Germany



Ceiledh is a third-year Bachelor of International Business (BIB) student in the German language stream. She is studying at University of Augsburg in Ausburg, Germany. (All students in the BIB program are required to study abroad for their third year at one of our partner institutions.)

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your goals and interests:

The first thing you’d probably notice about me is that my very social and love being around people. I enjoy getting involved through clubs, volunteering, sports, events, and so forth. During my year abroad in Germany I hope to travel a lot around Europe, improve my German communication skills, and discover what I’d like to do once I’m done my degree.

Why did you choose your language?

I’m very thankful to be a native English speaker and to have chosen to learn French in middle school and high school. With these languages under my belt, I thought about where I would like to study during my year abroad and potentially work in the future which ultimately lead to me Germany.

Have you ever traveled overseas before? If so, where?

Yes. I participated in a three month student exchange trip to Orléans, France when I was 15 years old. I lived with a host family, attended high school classes, and learned to really appreciate the immersion experience for the first time. I spent last summer (2018) working in Madrid, Spain as an au pair which was basically a live-in nanny position for four children. These cultural exchanges have inspired me to travel around much of Europe!

What three things MUST you take with you while abroad?

Your passport, your toothbrush, and your personality – it’s pretty simple!

What are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to making long-lasting friendships and discovering many new places. I really do believe that this year will be a challenge but, in the end, very rewarding.