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Bojana Terzic

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Degrees:B.A. (Hons) Economics, Carleton University


Current Job Title: Planning Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Years of Work Experience: 25

I’m thriving in complex business environments. Over the past decade I’ve been performing at high level in 4 distinct corporate functions: account management, finance, HR and corporate planning. I was recognized for building exceptional alliances across the organizations resulting in increased collaboration and improved business processes.

Prior to joining the public sector I’ve worked in the travel industry for over a decade directly collaborating with people from all continents, gaining the knowledge of business models within the industry and their adaptation to the environment all over the world.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

I’m Carleton alumina and Carleton University always had a special place in my hearth. Carleton always managed to deliver high quality education to working professionals in the past and this continues to the present. Always innovative, agile and continuously improving.

Carleton did it once again: PMBA offers quality education delivered by reputable university, tailored to the working professionals and never forgetting its signature global presence and influence.

Fun fact:

My passion for learning about and understanding different cultures had taken me to over 60 countries, allowing for precious experience of meeting and interacting with people worldwide.