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Blair Burchill

Xactly Design & Advertising

Degrees:Bachelor of Business Management, Queensland University of Technology.


Current Job Title: Director of Strategy, Xactly Design & Advertising

Hometown: Cairns, Australia

Years of Work Experience: 25+

I’ve worked in advertising agencies most of my career, and mostly on consumer campaigns for many clients such as airlines, fast food, pharmaceuticals, lottery games, supermarkets, banks, newspapers and property developments. I’ve also spent some time working “client-side” as the head of marketing for a national telco/ITC provider which was primarily B2B. My first career years where in HR, and my degree major is actually in HR. I just found the ad agency scene interesting and make a career shift early on.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

I like the look of the coursework and learning from other professionals in the class since we all have to have real-world experience. And the format suits my work life, which is pretty busy.

Fun fact:

I come from the tropical north of Australia but lived for a while in London, UK. Until I came to Ottawa I thought -2 or -3c was bitterly cold. Now I open the sunroof of my car anywhere above -7c to let some refreshing cool air in.