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Andrew Schagen

IBI Group

Degrees:B.Eng (Carleton University); M.A.Sc (Carleton University)


Current Job Title: Associate, IBI Group

Hometown: Oshawa, ON

Years of Work Experience: 22

I am a Professional Engineer with more than two decades’ total work experience in transportation engineering, systems engineering, high tech manufacturing, shipping, and logistics. Currently, I am an Associate and Senior Transit Technology Specialist at IBI Group. My work includes planning, functional design, procurement, and implementation for ITS and communications systems at Transit and Municipal properties across North America from San Francisco to Montréal. I’m passionate about making projects environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

I chose the Sprott Professional MBA because of its case based approach to learning, the breadth and diversity of the instructors, the course offerings, and the program schedule. I also have strong connections to the City of Ottawa and to Carleton University.

Fun fact:

When I’m not working on making transit better or working on my PMBA, I can often be found playing, writing, or recording music – I’ve been playing bass for 27 years and I’m a pretty good recording engineer.