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Aliya Kuzhabekova

Post Doctoral Fellow
    Degrees:PhD in Higher Education Policy and Administration, (University of Minnesota, Department of Organizational, Leadership, Policy, and Development Studies)


    Supervisor: Luciara Nardon

    Aliya Kuzhabekova’s research focuses on three inter-related areas: international mobility, equity in higher education, and researcher development/socialization and research capacity development in transitional contexts.

    Her main field of specialization is comparative and international higher education, however, she occasionally contributes to journals in science and technology policy, public policy, business and organization, and immigration studies. Her past papers explored motivation for relocation, career development, hiring and retention practices, and research contribution of international faculty working in transitional contexts; the role of international mobility in socialization of doctoral students and postdocs as researchers; power dynamics in international research collaborations; experiences of women leaders in higher education; as well as transition of women students in science, technology, and mathematics fields through higher education.

    Aliya’s past research was supported by grants from the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Her current work is centred on understanding the employment transition of immigrants with a special interest in the experiences of immigrant women and immigrant youth. Her postdoctoral work with the Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work, supervised by Luciara Narond, is supported by an Insight Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.