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Abhijeet Bhattacharya

MSc Candidate
    Degrees:Bachelors In Technology with Major in Computer Science Engineering (Vellore Institute Of Technology)


    Area of Research: 

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Information Systems
    • Management and Strategy
    • Supply Chain Management (Operations and Technology Management)

    A humble but friendly small town Indian engineer with a good aptitude and never ending curiosity. I had been working for just about more than a year after my graduation for a startup, Checkgaadi, a team of 4 which made apps and solutions for automation in the Automobile Service Industry, which included post sales servicing and roadside assistance automation, and automation of pre and post insurance procedure automation. After the acquisition of our startup, our team had been working on a comprehensive app and service which covers all the post sales aspects. I’m looking for opportunities to grow and nurture my managerial and research skills along with becoming confident of my decision making, risk assessment, team management and coordination.


    Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed Doha