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MBA Ambassadors

Jennifer Crichton

Country/City of Origin

  • Ottawa, Canada

Post-secondary degrees

  • BScH Biochemistry (Carleton University, 2010)
  • MSc Biochemistry (University of Ottawa, 2012)
  • MBA (Carleton University, 2016)
  • MD (Queen’s University, expected June 2018

My story

I saw a deficiency in myself after completing two science-focused degrees.  I wanted to broaden my skill set and gain some perspective into business and management.  I went into the MBA with a long-term view to take on a leadership role in healthcare administration in Canada alongside my future clinical responsibilities as a physician.  I felt that the Sprott MBA could help serve as a differentiator in this pursuit.

Why Sprott

I absolutely fell in love with the Carleton campus and community while completing my bachelor’s degree and playing varsity soccer there.  The School is situated on such a beautiful piece of land in our nation’s capital.  There has been such great energy flowing out of it in recent years with all of the growth and addition of new buildings on campus.  I was delighted when I got the opportunity to further my graduate studies at the Sprott School of Business.

Favourite Experience

The close interaction with the many faculty members was a definite highlight.  There’s a great mix of experience in the faculty at Sprott, with many of them having extensive experience in both private and public sectors.  My favourite experience has to be a leadership course that I took with an instructor who had worked a great deal in healthcare management.  He stimulated great class discussions and helped us gain a chronological perspective on the academic and practitioner leadership literature.  Still today, I find myself going back to some of the articles read during that course!

Erin Chezick

Country/City of Origin

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Undergrad degree

  • B.Sc. Psychology (Carleton University)

Your story (why an MBA)

Encouragement from my manager to pursue business education led me to the Management Certificate for Women, which I took the year before entering the MBA program. That experience and some connections from the program gave me the final push to pursue an MBA.

Why Sprott?

After making connections in the professional program at Sprott, I knew it would be a good fit for me to continue on with my MBA. I was excited about the opportunity to concentrate on Management and Change, as well as the courses being offered in that stream. Going to classes on the same campus where I work also makes being a part time student just that little bit easier!

Favourite experience

Its tough competition between Linda’s and Robin’s classes – they make night classes something to look forward to!

Lanruoyi (Roey) Gao

Country/City of Origin

  • Beijing, China

Undergrad degree

  • Economics (Chongqing Normal University, China)

Your story (why an MBA)

MBA provides me with managerial skills not only in workplace but also in daily life. With MBA, I can get a better understanding of business as well as acquire an in-depth view of the business world.

On the other hand, attending MBA is an effective way to broaden our career opportunities. MBA also provides networking opportunities because MBA program is a great base for students to meet people, it gives us a chance to meet and interact with potential employers. Also, the classmates in MBA might be the ideal business partners in the future.

Why Sprott?

Sprott MBA gives me an opportunity to learn knowledge from a more diverse and wider field. I am inspired by the fast-paced learning environment of the Sport MBA. It has enlightened me with many innovative ideas that could benefit me in my future career.

Favorite experience

My favorite experience of MBA so far was doing the marketing group project during last winter term. I worked in a dynamic group that we got involved a real business case and we helped our clients to make a marketing strategy plan in order to expand their business. This experience offered me more insights about the marketing. It was an unforgettable experience for me because I acquired hands-on experience that could be used in the future. Also, it was an exciting process we went through to produce the outcome.

Lavanya Maini

Country/ City of Origin

  • New Delhi, India

Undergrad Degree

  • B.Tech Food Technology (Amity University, Noida)

 My Story

During the separate internship periods I had with prestigious food companies, I realized something about myself. Even though I have a deep love for Food Technology and respect food technologists for what they do, I knew I am cut out for something different. I knew in those instants that I want to feel the rush of corporate life. Fast, quick, decision making, brainstorming, controlling, MANAGING.

My short-term goal is to see myself heading one of the leading global Food Manufacturing companies like Nestlé or PepsiCo. Ten years down the line, I believe I will have sufficient professional exposure so that I can set up my own business venture, a leading Indian Food company that is in accordance with state of the art technology and infrastructure as well as focus on export of consumables under my own private label.

To accomplish my goals, I need to be in command of the principal know how of the demand and supply relations, buyer behavior, marketing, corporate finance and several essential components of a successful business model at the same time attaining a global perspective of these.

By pursuing an MBA, I believe I can integrate my passion, my abilities, my technical knowledge and skills and progressively enhance them to become a successful and much sought after business executive and eventually a businesswoman.

Why Sprott?

The Sprott MBA has an exclusive curriculum integrating a much-required Internship program that gives its students an edge in terms of gaining practical work experience while pursuing an MBA. It is an excellent opportunity to add to the corporate know-how that one gains from the program and learn how to apply this knowledge in the real world so that one can attain a pragmatic approach to business and become more productive before one graduates.

I believe that the compulsory core courses combined with the concentration courses that Sprott School of Business offers provides a holistic approach towards all the facets and the world of business – be it an industry, an organization or even an agency.

I opted for the International Business Concentration, which has not only helped me gain the tools necessary to analyze international organizations and markets along with broader contexts but has also provided me a thorough understanding of the role of culture in international management and marketing, regional versus global strategies, emerging economies, mergers and acquisitions, as well as cross-border supply chains which fit perfectly with the pre-requisites that I require to achieve both my short term as well as my long term goals.

Favorite Experience

Attending the Annual Sprott Business Banquet, which was organized at the infamous Shaw Centre, was one of my favorite experiences. It was a spectacularly organized formal dinner where all the students of Sprott Business School were given an opportunity to network with professionals and Sprott Alumni in a safe environment as well as mingle among our peers. And the best part was – we were given our own business cards!

Manav Sachdeva

Country/City of Origin

  • Chandigarh, India

Undergrad degree

  • Bachelor’s in Engineering (Biotechnology) (Panjab University, Chandigarh)

Your story (why an MBA)

Being an engineer, I have a lot of technical skills. But the engineering school didn’t really give me any knowledge about how a business works. My dad is a successful businessman in India and I always admired his Management and Entrepreneurship skills while growing up. In my career ahead, I see myself taking different management roles and making a difference in a changing global context.

Why Sprott?

Sprott school of Business is one of the most reputable business schools in the country. It has a world-class faculty and has a very successful alumnus. It’s located in Ottawa, which is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and has a huge job market.

Favorite experience

I love traveling and my favorite experience so far has been the trip to Montreal with my friends. The nightlife was amazing and the people were friendly. I have so many good memories of that trip.

Kedar Deo


  • India

Undergrad degree

  • Bachelor of Technology (National Institute of Technology, Nagpur)

Your story (why MBA)

I have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering with 5 years of experience in the field of construction & project management. Before joining the Sprott MBA, I was an assistant project manager for large scale engineering projects in India. My professional experience gave me exposure to managing resources & manpower to a great extent. It also generated my interest and made me think about how business expansions are financed. My personal investments in equities & debt market increased my urge to study more about the financial industry. So, getting MBA in Finance seemed like a perfect option to move upwards in my professional life.

Why Sprott?

Sprott offers a unique opportunity for international students. It is located strategically in Canada’s capital city but has close links with businesses in Toronto & Montreal. Carleton’s reputation in Canada & overall cost of getting MBA at Sprott made it undeniably the best option you can get in Canada. Another reason for coming to Canada is the peace & stability it offers in today’s turbulent world.

Favorite experience

Competing for MBA games at Vancouver Island University is the best experience I have had so far. It made me work hard throughout the fall semester to learn the techniques of solving business cases. Preparing a solution for actual business problem and presenting in front of business leaders in Canada totally changed my personality. Along with that, some fun activities with the MBA Games team makes it my best experience at Sprott so far.

Ikenchukwu “Ikay” Alex-Onyeagwu

Country/City of Origin

  • Delta State, Nigeria

Undergrad degree

  • B.A Honors – Applied Economics & Psychology (Carleton University)

Your story (why an MBA)

From time, I always knew I would go into business or something business related. I was born into a family that is business oriented, so innately I have been wired for it. So, the MBA was a logical next step given my undergraduate background. Since I did not do an undergraduate business degree, I wanted something that could tie both my undergraduate degrees together but still not box me into a field that would be too narrow so that ruled out both the Masters in Economics and Psychology. MBA’s are also an increasingly sought after degree with a lot of employers indicating that they would hire MBA degree holders as well as the trend for increasing MBA salaries.

Why Sprott?

I had previously gone to a different university and then switched to Carleton University for my undergraduate degree and the difference in my experience was radical. I was treated like a person here rather than just a number who paid tuition. Professors wanted us to do well and it reflected in the way they taught and the attention and flexibility they gave to us as students. So, when it was time to pick a school for my postgraduate studies, I was very confident that the Sprott School of Business would be the best place to hone the necessary business skills. This in conjunction with the amazing faculty and staff that are ever ready to help you get what you need to take you to where you need to be. The MBA also has some very attractive concentration options, so much so that I could not settle for one and had to choose the International Business and Management and Change concentrations.

Favorite experience

It is hard to pick a particular one. The whole process of running for elections to be the President of the MBA society and the day to day responsibilities that come with that position, being at the center of decision making to enhance the current student experience and proposing changes to benefit the prospective students, the relationships and connections that will last a life time and most of all, the important takeaways from interactions with professors and students that will serve as the foundations for my future endeavors.