Chancellor's Professor

Honours an individual with at least ten years of service at the rank of full professor, and scholarly activities that have been and continue to be of outstanding merit with substantial international impact.


Nicolas Papadopoulos

Nicolas is Chancellor’s Professor of Marketing and International Business at the Sprott School of Business. He is recognized worldwide as a leading researcher in the areas of international market selection, place images, and nation branding. His research and professional interests span various areas of marketing and business strategy, particularly in the international context (including expansion decisions, global positioning, country image effects on buyer behaviour, role of trade blocs and free-trade zones, East-West business, and Canada-EU relations); brand marketing and new product development; social and not-for-profit marketing applications; management education; and macro-marketing (including marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility).

Distinguished Research Professor

Recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of a retired full professor during their career at the University and their significant ongoing research activities at the University.


Louise Heslop

Louise is a Distinguished Research Professor and Professor Emerita at the Sprott School of Business. Her research and professional interests focus on marketing and business strategy. Her research covers many areas of marketing with emphasis on consumer behaviour and decision making, especially country and brand cue use. She has been identified as one of the most published authors of research in country image and branding. Her research interests also include many dimensions of food marketing, including consumer acceptance of new food technologies, domestic vs. international food selection, food promotion to children, and wine marketing.

Vijay Jog

Vijay is a Distinguished Research Professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University and a leading authority in corporate finance and performance. His expertise is in the area of corporate performance, corporate governance, taxation and the role of capital markets in financing the enterprises including initial public offerings. He is an active researcher and has received over a $1 million in research grants. He also consults extensively for many government departments, crown corporations, and private sector firms in Canada, U.S., Caribbean, Europe and South Africa.

Moses Kiggundu

Moses is a Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor of Management and International Business at the Sprott School of Business. His research focuses on Africa as it connects to the rest of the world. He is interested in the study of conceptual and practical questions of building state and non-state capacities in open societies for the facilitation of effective, gainful and equitable participation in the global economy and society. His work also examines development issues related to China and Africa, as well as Canada and Africa.

Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair

Fulbright Canada and Carleton University have established dedicated research chairs that will allow extraordinary American scholars and top-tier researchers to spend one academic year as a visiting research scholar working in a targeted area of academic inquiry.


Florence Neymotin

Florence Neymotin is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences with the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University. Her research focuses on issues in applied microeconomics, public goods, health, and machine learning. She has published numerous articles in journals such as the Journal of Economic Psychology, the Economics of Education Review, Economics Bulletin, Applied Economics Letters, IZA Journal of Migration, and the Journal of Labor Research. Florence will be joining Sprott School of Business as the 2019/20 visiting Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship.

Carleton University Research Award

This award, provided by Carleton’s Office of the Vice-President, Research and International and selected by a committee of past recipients, provides 10 faculty members across campus with funds in support of a research project.


Isaac Otchere

Isaac Otchere is a Professor of Finance. In recent times many firms with unsustainable business practices are being excluded from the investment portfolios of environmentally and ethically focused public investors. While this is meant to be a punishment for their environmental sins, little is known about the effectiveness of this strategy in actually changing corporate behaviours because other investors could fill this void. Through his project, The Price of Environmental Sin, Isaac is examining this effectiveness and researching if it does indeed force the excluded firms to become more environmentally sustainable.

The Research Achievement Awards are administered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) to recognize exceptional accomplishments by members of Carleton University.

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Sprott Faculty Research Award

The Faculty Research Award is offered jointly by the Sprott School of Business and the Office of the Vice-President, Research and International.


Merridee Bujaki

Merridee Bujaki’s research project, The Redpath Papers, falls within her ongoing program of research on the accounting history of the construction and operation of the Rideau Canal. Her project proposes transcribing and analyzing the accounting records and other communications related to the Rideau Canal in the Redpath Papers, focusing on John Redpath’s involvement. Her research will lead to insights into private entity accounting practices in 19th century Canada, as well as insights into how these practices may have been implicated in controlling and monitoring Redpath’s business activities and his employees.

Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly Award

The Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly award is an internal award given to a faculty member at the Sprott School of Business who published in high quality peer reviewed journals in the previous year.

Linda Duxbury

Linda Duxbury has published widely in both the academic and practitioner literatures in the area of work-family conflict, change management, supportive work environments, employee wellbeing, role overload, telework, the use and impact of office technology, managing the new workforce and supportive management.