SCSE / CSES / Projets de Recherche

Various research projects are undertaken by SCSE/CSES members. See below for examples.

Social Entrepreneurship

Aray, Y., Brouard, F. Business model components of social entrepreneurial organizations.

Brouard, F., Elson, P., Hall, P., Lionais, D., McMurtry, J.J., Vieta, M. Models of social enterprises in Canada, with ICSEM project.

Brouard, F., Larivet, S. Clarifications of definitions of social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship.

Brouard, F., Madill, J. Financial and marketing strategies of social enterprises. SSHRC funded project.

Brouard, F., Madill, J., Hebb, T. Typology of social enterprises.

Madill, J., Mitchell, A., Chreim, S Marketing knowledge, attitudes and challenges faced by social enterprises.

Social Finance

Hebb, T. et al. Responsible Investment Initiative. SSHRC funded project.

Nonprofits Management

Pilon, M. Governance mechanisms used by not-for-profit organizations to manage accountability requirements.

Neilson, l., McShane, L. Closing the loop on community engaged pedagogy projects.

Arts Management

Cray, D., Inglis, L. Managing the arts.

Cray, D., Inglis, L. Strategic decision making in Canadian and Australian arts organizations.

Inglis, L., Cray, D. Career paths for arts administrators in Australia and Canada.

Neilson, L., Cultural and heritage management.


Brouard, F., Neilson, L., Armenakian, A. Small Charities and Fundraising Activities

Brouard, F., Elson, P., Parachin, A. Canadian grant-making foundations. SSHRC funded project.

McShane, L. Charitable giving and deservingness.

Social responsibility

McShane, L. Organizational Accountability Relations.

McShane, L. Social and environmental responsibility.

Sur, S. Risks and Choice of mitigation strategies.

Tetreault-Sirsly, C.-A. Sustainability measures.

Tetreault-Sirsly, C.-A. Development and validation of corporate social responsibility measures.

Tetreault-Sirsly, C.-A., Sur, S. Strategies for sustainability initiatives.